34x ROI with Facebook Ads by a Student at Eduwings Academy !

34x ROI with Facebook Ads by a Student at Eduwings Academy! Sounds Unbelievable, but it is 100% True! You can actually earn up to this amount or much bigger than this also. You will have to do just one thing and that is to figure out what’s missing and then learn about Facebook Ads its usage and how to use it. And through Facebook Ads try to connect with those people who require your product or services but somehow they are not able to reach you. Hence, you can start your Facebook Ads just like one of our students did.

Jaspreet Singh Saluja, a student of Digital Marketing at EduWings, was able to generate a revenue of INR 7000 by just spending INR 200 through Facebook Paid Ads.

Based in Udaipur, Jaspreet owns a well-settled second-hand car selling business named  “Car Choice”. For the past few years, Jaspreet was not able to figure out the method to expand or grow his business. Moreover, when most of the things like shopping, searching, and other things went online, Jaspreet quickly figured out the famous quote i.e.

“If your business is not online, you are out of business” 

Also, there were already existing platforms for reselling of cars like cardekho.com and many more, and emerging as a self-identity was a tough task!

Within 1 Month of joining the Digital Marketing Course at EduWings, Jaspreet learned that running Paid / Sponsored Advertisements on Facebook was the key to all the problems and solutions.

34x ROI with Facebook Ads by a Student at Eduwings Academy

Following were the execution steps of the campaign run by Jaspreet :

1. Creating Images of the products (Cars)

2. Targeting the right audience (Local Audience)

3. Focussing on Branding initially (Bringing Sales through randing is the best profitable way)

4. Creating an Aura of Discounts and Offers (Ads in the Hindi Language)

After running the ad, within 2 days, Jaspreet was ABLE to convert a lead through the sponsored ad and the results were :

1. Reach = 6830

2. Impressions = 7288

3. Cost per Result = 0.12 INR

4. Amount Spent = 171.59 INR

The Conclusion of the paid/sponsored ad was as follows :

1. ROI = 7000 / 200 = 34X

2. Product Sold Name:  Honda City

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