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5 Best Laptops for Business Owners under INR 50000

5 Best Laptops for Business Owners under INR 50000

Best Laptops

Well, coming to gadgets, there is no end to the desire and cravings and laptops are no exception to the same. 

Moreover, there is nothing like the best laptop in this world since it is a desire-based product in which the more you spend the more you get, simple! 

However, one can’t just keep on spending recklessly on these gadgets, and especially if it’s for business purposes, then one needs to keep an eye on the budget too! 

Here’s a list of 5 Best Laptops for Business Owners under INR 50000: 

  1. Lenovo Ideapad 330 15.6-inch Laptop

 This is one of the best possible choices currently available! It has been rated as the most selling model on amazon. It is very light in weight which makes it easier for business owners to carry it here and there along with other things and stuff.

 You can work longer as the battery life performance of this particular a[laptop is above average. Moreover, the same configurations of this laptop in 0ther brands would cost you somewhere about extra INR 5000 so this factor makes it cost-effective and economical too with the same features. 

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 Moreover, there are no such heat issues in this laptop while using high-end design tools. Moreover, during 2019-2020, Lenevo sold more laptops than any other brand and it currently holds a share of approximately 49 percent in the market! 

  1. Dell Inspiron 3576 14-inch Laptop 

Well, the Dell Inspiron 3576 14 Inch Laptop is another best choice in which you will find Original windows 10 and that too at an affordable price. Moreover, for business owners who are more concerned about battery backup, this laptop shall be the ideal choice since it provides a guaranteed battery life of 6 hours. 

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The 8 GB DDR4 Memory provides you with the facility of operating multiple tasks at a time. Moreover, you can also expand this memory to 16GB. An HDMI 1.4b port is also available in this laptop which you can use for larger displays like that on a Projector for business meetings and presentations. 

  1. HP Core 14 15.6-inch Laptop 

Well, for those business owners who are more concerned about the neatness, spacing, and beauty of the keyboard, then this laptop by HP is surely going to be your first choice of preference! 

This HP Notebook is probably the lightest amongst all the nearby competitors. It weighs around 1.43 Kg. The design layout is very simple and this feature makes it very easy to carry. This is particularly for business owners who need lightweight laptops for carrying here and there. It increases the ease and handling part. 

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However, the screen is 14 Inches which makes it easier to read and note. The overclocking function is indeed an advantage for running high-end multimedia programs. Furthermore, there are many extra ports on this laptop which makes it a good choice for those who prefer to use additional ports! 

  1. Acer Aspire SW3-016 10.1-inch Laptop 

Well, these days compact and small laptops are a choice and preference, Gone are those days, when business owners preferred oversized laptops. These days the sleeker and more compact the laptops, the more highly they are priced indeed! 

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The Body is 7cm in thickness and it makes it easier for fitting this laptop into any case. This laptop is also preferably one of the best for those business owners who need that perfect laptop for multitasking! 

Another striking feature of this laptop is the SSD layout on its drive which means that things would work faster without wasting unnecessary time! 

    1. Dell Inspiron 5000 13.3-inch FHD Laptop 

Well, the Dell Inspiron’s 5000 Model Exterior look will surely catch your attention. It has the latest i3 7th generation processor which has better and smoother performance and operations. This laptop comes with Microsoft Office Software which is pre-installed in this and is an authentic licensed version too. This MS Office package makes it easier for professional and business owners to have a seamless experience. The graphics are also high in definition. 

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The hinges of this laptop are tried and tested a lot of times which makes it strong externally! So, If you are someone who needs a laptop for rough and tough use, this could be an ideal choice for the same! I hope the above-mentioned specifications and features would surely help you to make a better choice! 

Thanks a lot for spending your time and I hope it was worthwhile for you!

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