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5 Latest Trends In Career Choices

Trends may come and go but the trends that are coming in your career choices matter. There are Latest Trends Career Choices but you have to choose only that which is useful for you and most importantly you are learning from that. Choosing a career will not help you but choosing it in the right direction will be the best decision ever taken by you for yourself and the sake of your family.

career option

Career meaning explained-


C A R E E R – Creation of Advanced Resources of Education and Employment on Requirement.

In Hindi it means  – आवश्यकता पर शिक्षा और रोजगार के उन्नत संसाधनों का निर्माण।

aavashyakata par shiksha aur rojagaar ke unnat sansaadhanon ka Nirman.

Career is a widely discussed word but less understood. While choosing a career we falter at the analysis of parameters important to the choice of career.

Today we will discuss what parameter we should select as a career.


How we conclude that there is positive demand in a career is by firstly analyzing how much manpower is required in that particular field and secondly, how many freshers or students are interested to pursue the study of that career, so how much future that career has in holding.
Positive demand reflects in jobs creation directly in Industry and how much government is spending on that career.

E.g. Currently, the government has allotted funds in PRIME, an UPSKILLING PROGRAM for government IT Professionals.
Similarly, the Digital Marketing industry has estimated 3 lakh job creation for DIGITAL MARKETING personnel by 2020. (ASSOCHAM ).

Positive supply can be met by encouraging Colleges and Institutes (like EDUWINGS) in imparting knowledge or skills of that career and finally, positive supply can be achieved by making a career rewarding and highly remunerating.


Is that career supported by technology or not, e.g Careers in the field of INTERNET ENTREPRENEURSHIP or YouTube can not be thought of without empowering technology like 5G TECHNOLOGY and increasing the INTERNET base to the global Arena.


Career can be chosen on the fundamental parameter index of APTITUDE, PERSONALITY & INTEREST, called API INDEX.
The basic requirement to succeed in a career is to possess minimum aptitude, personality, and interest to perform the task of that career.
E.g. A BLOGGER has to have flair for writing and typing a minimum of 4000 words per blog and spend 5 hours daily on the ONLINE platform and have an interest in research and writing that totally to have an overall personality of being a blogger.


Can a particular career face the test of TIME & provide stability through ups and downs?

ONLINE or E-commerce businesses earlier took time to become popular due to the limitation of technology penetration to the masses. But now we have come to an age and become career providers to all. INTERNET-dependent careers have positive CAREER LIFE CYCLE for sure.

5) The journey from KNOWLEDGE to SKILL

Can the whole body of knowledge of that particular career be transferred from CAREER KNOWLEDGE to CAREER SKILL?

This transition gives hope to the younger generation to choose a particular career on a mass level. Skill can be imparted and upgraded by time and again making it relevant with time.

So we hope these insights, into career selection can go a long way for today’s youth benefit while choosing a career.


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