Anchoring – Career Opportunities & Scope

Anchoring – Career Opportunities & Scope The career of an anchor commands immense popularity. He/ she is the face seen by millions of families each day and is instantly recognized by people. To succeed in this career one must be an extrovert, be confident and should be free from inhibitions while communicating. 

Anchoring has emerged as a popular career option in the country with the entry of satellite channels, with several news as well as entertainment channels coming up day by day. The field is quite lucrative for successful anchors in the field. Several anchors in the whole world are successful and charge a very good amount for a single show or event. And they even get paid for that much because of their skills, tactics, experience, and hard work.
Many in the world think that being an Anchore is no big deal, but my friend it is. It needs a lot of courage and confidence to face the audience and make them hear your every single word.

An anchor is usually known as either a presenter, host, newsreader or news/program anchor, etc.

scope in anchoring

Anchors are of three types

  • Stage Anchor
  • News Anchor
  • Program Anchor

While stage anchor presents live events, News anchor/program anchors present news or programs in entertainment media or news media. TV news anchors present news in different languages – national, regional, and other different languages. Program anchors focus on entertainment programs such as award functions, competition shows, comedy shows, film-based shows, cooking shows, reality shows, sports, crime reports or talk shows and debates, etc.

Anchors are the mediators between the channel and the audience. They are not only mere presenters but are required to have updated knowledge about the world around them. Be it entertainment or sober news presentations, they must have the quality to engage the viewers throughout the program. The task of news reading and presenting a program is a challenging field. An anchor is responsible for not only providing information but also needs to ensure that the program is delivered entertainingly.

The nature of the program determines the conduct of its anchor. The anchor must be versatile and flexible based on the nature of the program. If the program is purely an entertainment-based show, then the anchor may have to engage in light-hearted conversation with the caller, be able to crack jokes at the proper time, and should radiate a vibrant attitude. Whereas, if the program is on a delicate and serious issue, then its anchor should be calm and composed. In a sense, the anchor can make a show interesting or dull.

Anchoring is a talent-based profession, it requires a good command over language and a humor sense. An anchor must maintain wit and humor at all times to make up for any slip of the tongue that they may make. The art of talking your way out of uncomfortable situations is the most important prerequisite. Moreover, an anchor needs to be a powerhouse of knowledge. Thorough knowledge of current affairs, politics, and history is a must if you want to sustain in this industry. The popularity of the show entirely depends on an anchor’s performance on stage. Being on the call always is also essential if you are passionate about the career.

A trusted, respected anchor reflects well on the public’s general opinion of that channel. In short, people tune in to that channel because of who the anchors are, their familiarity with them, and the trust built over time, and that’s a great deal of responsibility.

Stage anchor

Anchoring: Eligibility & Course Areas


Although academic qualification does not play a major role in news anchoring or program anchoring, the increasing demand for good anchors has resulted in the need for specialized and professional training. The minimum eligibility criteria for most of these courses is graduation. However, for certificate courses, a 10+2 will also suffice. To become a news anchor, a course in journalism will help you a lot.

Many courses have been designed to enhance the skill of aspirants. Most of the anchoring courses are of one to six months duration. The course curriculum for anchoring covers training in the change of facial expressions, voice modulation, use of proper diction and pitch according to the given script/situation, etc. They are also trained on anchoring, interviewing, news reading, chat shows, etc. The courses designed for anchoring also focus on other aspects like technical issues and camera handling to enhance the skills of aspirants.

Personal Attributes

The voice is the key quality to be possessed by an anchor. The anchor must have a passion for the career and must be responsible. They must be confident and have a pleasing personality. In another sense, the anchor must be presentable. Apart from these qualities he/she must have dynamism, knowledge, command over the pronunciation, and communication. Comfort before the camera is also a must for this field.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Anchoring: Job Prospects & Career Options

Anchoring has wide scope as a career avenue with the constant launch of various news, infotainment and entertainment channels. With the flood of reality shows, chat shows, music shows, etc. demand for experienced anchors is immense. Most anchors begin their careers through trial and error method-working at small broadcast stations, sometimes as reporters. Gradually after gaining experience, move on to larger stations or television networks. Program/news anchors specialize in news or entertainment programs such as award functions, music, and dance shows, comedy shows, reality shows, cookery shows, etc.

The position of an anchor combines journalism and entertainment. One can work with channels as a news anchor as well as a program anchor or presenter in a reality show, or game show, conduct interviews and offer commentary for various live events. Anchors are in demand not only in channels but they are also wanted to introduce a product and even present a program or event. Usually, product launches are common events where there is a need for anchors to present the function. There are many more cultural and social events that need an anchor to conduct them. Even family functions like marriages or birthdays hire anchors so that the function runs smoothly. Due to the spurt in events and festivals, these days demand anchors are on the rise. Festivals like Christmas, new year, and Diwali are more elaborate with lots of events. There are more corporate events, celebrity nights, trade fairs, etc. all of them require anchors to present the show or event.

Anchors can find employment opportunities on TV channels, and radio stations, as hosts in award functions, reality, comedy, music, dance shows, etc. Most of them work on a freelance basis and are mostly occupied with anchoring live events. Employers include TV channels such as ZEE, Star Plus, Sahara News, Asianet, Sony, Sun, BBC, Surya, CNN IBN, etc. If you are a good performer and dedicated employee you could also get a chance to work with international reporters and news channels.

This career is rewarding not only in monetary terms but the fame and honor one gains from this field are much more.

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