Bad News For Digital Marketing Aspirants, The Old-Booming Sector Is About To Collapse


Bad News for Digital Marketing, Digital marketing Course,Digital Marketing In Udaipur

Bad News For Digital Marketing Aspirants Is About To Collapse The Old-Booming Sector

A very serious message to the aspiring digital marketers from the desk of founder of eduwings, who has trained hundreds of students in past 6 years for digital marketing in udaipur.

Dear Aspiring Digital Marketers,

If you are still influenced with the reels, shorts, blogs and so much chaos about digital marketing as trending career and you are planning to join some digital marketing course?


& Read This Article Carefully! 

In the Covid time, many online gurus appeared and started training of digital marketing in 99-9999 Rs, and now a maximum of them are missing and the few left are now using cross-selling and upselling their courses of ABC – XYZ and that learning made student crazy but left with mental pressure because they were not having hands-on experience and the basic but core understanding of marketing was missing. 

95% institutes and trainers are teaching digital marketing tools and software, not Digital Marketing! 

Yes, they are just teaching how to use the tools and software but the core understanding is missing and in the last 6 months Artificial intelligence has changed the industry from the top layer and in the next 2 years it ll completely change the entire industry and if you learn the old style digital marketing in 2023, trust me, your learning will be treated as Basic Computer Course in 2024 or max by 2025 even in a city like Udaipur.

It’s high time where you should connect with institutes like EduWings to consult that what’s next and how we can actually help you to stay ahead with the time so your career journey should never face downtime. 

Also, mark my words that always get to know who is gonna teach you the subjects of digital marketing wherever you join. 

At EduWings Udaipur, we have 5-7 different subject matter experts and 5+ category-specific courses for digital marketing and every trainer is having wide experience and in-depth knowledge & in the recent addition of the curriculum from July 2023 we are adding a lot of trending AI tools in our curriculum of Digital Marketing Courses.

Feel Free To Book Your Free Career Counselling At EduWings.

Form The Desk of 
Varun Surana.

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