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Career Counselling / Career Guidance is a systematic, rights-based development approach aimed at assisting individuals in identifying and implementing meaningful educational and vocational choices that lead to their economic, financial, and mental well-being.

Career guidance is the process of assisting an adolescent in making a smooth transition from school to higher education and then into the workforce. Exploring numerous jobs, understanding different career paths, opportunities accessible, salary levels, and the time span required are all part of the process. It also entails identifying one’s abilities and interests, matching one’s own potential to the world of careers, picking the appropriate courses and universities, the application procedure, and finally finding one’s education.

EduWings Udaipur has dedicated career counsellors in Udaipur, Rajasthan working tirelessly. Our career counsellors can introduce you to a wide range of professional opportunities. We at EduWings can clear up any confusion you may have about various career possibilities and their potential. Our services will also assist you in navigating the top universities in order to make the best career decision possible.

Professionals with extensive expertise and qualifications give career counselling services in Udaipur. Career counsellors assist students in increasing their understanding of numerous vocations, providing an unbiased review of their IQ Tests, and assisting them in making a uniform decision. EduWings bases its career advice on three fundamental principles: Raising awareness of numerous employment options, examining the IQ test report of students, and assistance in determining the best career fit for each student.

At some point in our lives, we will all become trapped. We become even more conscious of ourselves at such times of self-introspection. We figure out what works and what doesn’t, and we act appropriately. So, when it comes to making decisions regarding our future, should we trust our gut or follow the crowd?

As economies have opened up, technologies have evolved, and people have let go of their inhibitions, a growing number of occupations have made it onto ‘The list.’ Not everyone is aware of the various employment opportunities available to them. Career advisors in Udaipur grab your hand and lead you into a world of possibilities; they assist you, discover your skills, and then propose career opportunities.

Isn’t it simple? Well, it is now. Choosing the appropriate career has become a reality now, thanks to companies like EduWings, which provide full-stack career counselling solutions. Its career advisers are among the best in India, providing unbiased career advisory services.

The most convenient way to choose the correct career for you is to seek career counselling. Previously, marks determined which stream you would receive, but this is no longer the case. As a result, seeking career counselling could be life-changing for you.

For anyone, deciding on a career path can be a daunting task. EduWings advisers are well trained to get you ready for your future endeavors, making this process more inclusive and educated. Hence,

  • If you are in 10th grade or towards the end of 10th grade and are undecided about the path to take,
  • If you have just finished your 12th grade and are undecided about your professional path,
  • If you’ve settled on a job path after 12th grade but aren’t sure about the academic path to follow,
  • If you are unsure or insecure about your job choice,
  • If you wish to look at different employment options,

Then you should seek the advice of a career counsellor in Udaipur to guide you in the proper route in the right field.

To guide a student in the proper way, it takes an experienced and competent professional. A excellent career counsellor is objective and knows what will work best for you. Career specialists in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India should have a lot of expertise and understanding in this industry.

They should be able to recognize your strengths and make recommendations. EduWings is dedicated to offering unbiased career advising services to students across India. Do you want to speak with one of India’s top Career Counsellors?

Then we are just a call away. +91-7737871050 or you can email us at

The moment is always ideal to gain a bird’s-eye view of your talents and abilities, which will eventually lead you to the right job. The majority of kids who have recently started class 10th or 12th can benefit straight away. As a result, being one step ahead of the game is ideal.

If you start early, career counselling services in Rajasthan can be quite successful. It gives you the information you need to make informed decisions about your long-term goals. It also helps to avoid any last-minute issues or delays.

EduWings ensures that you receive all of the necessary assistance in locating your real calling. EduWings will guide you in the correct route, let you determine what is best for you, and support you through all of life’s inevitable obstacles, just like a best friend would.

EduWings is a group of skilled and qualified specialists who believe in the same thing: offering excellent career counselling services in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. Psychometric exams are used by our professionals to gauge students’ abilities.

We recognize the value of a qualified career counsellor as a piece of career advice and counselling platform. So, when one of our qualified and experienced career counsellors contacts you, they will answer all of your questions, remove all of your worries, and provide you with the best possible assistance in pursuing a profession that is perfect for you.

Career counselling/advice sessions at EduWings usually last for about 20 mins approx. However, it is our duty to make you understand everything in those 20 mins, but if somehow something is left then time may increase to a few more minutes.

As it is said above the time duration for counselling is approx. 20 Minutes, we do not charge for that time being. If however, the time is doubled then minimal charges may vary.

Career Counselling in Udaipur at EduWings is given in both offline and online modes. You may dial the below-given numbers for the session or you can book your slot for physical/in-person counselling at our premises. Usually, we prefer offline counselling because a face-to-face session gives both the counsellor and the applicant a better understanding. However, keeping in mind the Covid-19 protocols, we offer online sessions too.

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