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The first question that arises is that what is event management?

A person/organization that specializes and is professional at planning and making arrangements for various events, from planning to preparation to execution and delivery is known as an event planner/event management company. It is the use of managing projects to plan and execute small and/or large-scale commercial or private events such as festivals, seminars, ceremonies, weddings, formal parties, concerts, and conferences.

What is the term Event Planner?

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The job term “event planner” encompasses all possibilities, which is ideal for people who want to work on a variety of projects.

Many event managers, on the other hand, choose to specialize in a sector in which they have a particular interest – and one profession in which enthusiasm is required for the event is Wedding Planner. But what does the job entail, and what skills do you need to succeed in this competitive field of event planning and how to do event planning?

What is the Role of a Wedding Planner?

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Consider becoming a wedding planner at the best institute for event management in Udaipur if you enjoy and excel at planning large gatherings, enjoy working with people, and have strong networking and bargaining skills. Wedding and bridal consultants are terms used to describe people who operate in this area. Many work for wedding or event planning organizations, while others are self-employed.

Despite the fact that fewer people are marrying, those who do tend to do so at a later age, according to several statistics sources. Couples that marry later in life are typically better established and have more money to spend on their weddings. It also implies that they don’t have a lot of time to arrange their own parties because they are so busy with work. They require the services of a professional wedding planner and can afford to pay for them.

Benefits of an event management/wedding planner are that being one may be extremely fulfilling, and if you choose to go into business on your own, your startup fees will be minimal. Because you can work remotely rather than renting office space or a retail outlet, the expenses of beginning a wedding planning business can range from 5 to 15 lacs. You’ll need to set aside money for office supplies, marketing for your company, and acceptable work attire.

Job Prospects

event planners are expected to increase at a greater rate than other industries and occupations during the next decade, owing to strong consumer demand for professionally designed events.

Within the next 10 years, employment is forecast to expand by roughly 11%, which is greater than the previous 7% expected growth for all occupations between 2016 and 2026. Then what are you waiting for? Enroll now for the event management course in Udaipur.

Working Conditions

Wedding and other event planners split their time among working in offices and on-site at venues including hotels, churches, and other entertainment facilities. They may travel to potential event sites and to participate in events that they have planned.

Planners generally handle and oversee multiple different areas of an event at the same time, making their workday hard and fast-paced. They may also work on multiple events at once.

Working Hours

The majority of event planners have full-time jobs. They are frequently required to work longer hours as the occasion date gets closer in order to complete the arrangements. On busy days, such as the day of an event, they may work overtime and put in even more than eight hours.

Furthermore, being able to do these kinds of things on a pragmatic, official level is one thing; having the character traits and professional competencies to do them in a way that ensures a positive outcome for the couple on their event/wedding day and for your reputation and career as a wedding planner is another. So, what exactly do you require?

Find out the benefits of event management or wedding planning, because if you don’t have the below skills you will learn with time.

Imaginative abilities

You’ll need a strong creative streak to be able to tap into the people’s vision and bring it to life for them, even if they have their own very strong views about the type of day they want. For a couple who has no ideas, you can utilize your knowledge, experience, and artistic flair as a wedding planner to inspire them.

Negotiation and financial skills

While some individuals prefer to be active in every part of their finances, others prefer to just set a budget and have everything else handled for them.

Being able to offer good financial and negotiation skills (even if the person chooses to do it themselves) will give the applicant confidence in your talents as a planner and someone they can come to when the need arises.

Diplomacy and concern

While the majority of clients are likely to be pleasant and peaceful, pre-event or pre-wedding stress and the emotional parts of event/wedding planning can get to anyone, therefore there will be occasions when the slightest of difficulties can become the greatest of deals to overwhelmed clients. One of the most important critical talents for a successful event/wedding planner is the ability to solve problems and soothe (without taking any criticism personally).

Problem-solving also includes the countless chances of things going wrong right before the wedding. In most cases, couples employ a wedding planner to remove themselves from the stressful aspects of the planning process. As a result, any snags must be handled smoothly and professionally, ideally without the bride or groom even recognizing there was a problem.


Working with wedding customers is unique in that, due to their regular 9 – 5 schedules, evenings and weekends are frequently the only times they have available to organize the wedding.

Since you’ll be doing a lot of the preparation and legwork for them throughout your normal working hours, the role does require a lot of ‘out of hours’ contact and availability, which should be factored in, especially since the majority of UK weddings still happen on Saturdays and your presence on the day is essential.


Planning an event or a wedding is time-consuming and tiring, which is why many people hire an event or a wedding planner in the first place!

When you consider that an event/wedding planner may be dealing with multiple client partners at once, it’s easy to see why stamina is such an important component of the job. This is especially crucial because the job requires a lot of physical exertion, mental acuity, and emotional stamina.

Being a good listener

Listening skills are crucial when it comes to wedding preparation. Clients often have no notion what type of event they want and are content to leave the creative vision to the planner in general event planning. This is in sharp contrast to wedding preparation, where at least one-half of the group will have spent years cultivating extremely specific notions about the type of day they want: their own very specific vision.

It’s all part of the process to be able to listen to the person’s needs and turn them into a reality as closely as possible, even if that means planning a wedding that isn’t to your preference.


Weddings entail a plethora of options, from dates to drinks, colors to cards, flowers to furnishings, and some of which will take time to express to consumers and then wait for their reaction.

Managing the timeframe for the organization and preparation of the wedding requires combining patience with the urge to get things done, so patience is not only a skill but one that may impact effective planning as well.

Excellent interpersonal and communication abilities

Event/weddings are all about connections, and event planning where everyone from the group, as well as all of the vendors, has a say in how things should run can be extremely stressful – just functioning with two clients and their event/wedding vendors could mean communicating with around 50 different individuals in a week.

Excellent communication and people skills are required to build positive relationships with individuals involved. To be successful at this, you must maintain a professional demeanor throughout a variety of communication channels, including face-to-face, email, phone, and messaging – and this includes unscheduled, after-hours contact from worried clients!

How to learn wedding planning or event management?

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It’s no surprise that the City of Lake Udaipur has evolved into a major event hub and is now considered one of the top wedding destinations, drawing the attention of a variety of events such as weddings and product launches. Many events are held in Udaipur each year, and these events are arranged not only by locals but also by visitors from other places. This is excellent for both event management companies and freelancers, because both foreigners and locals hunt for event planners in the city. Because Udaipur continues to be one of the most popular event destinations, students have a variety of job options.

So, Considering EduWings Udaipur for the event management classes in Udaipur can be a great and beneficial option. Because EduWing’s main purpose is to educate and prepare our students for a better future by providing them with training in their chosen field. We’ve been teaching our students for more than 5 years and have earned a reputation for providing the best event management education in Udaipur. We have a devoted staff of trainers here who are committed to providing the finest possible education to the kids. We help students with internships, company placements, event management, and wedding planning in Udaipur in addition to the training.

So, considering Eduwings as the best event management institute in Udaipur is one right decision because it provides a one-year curriculum that includes a guaranteed internship.

The Final Words

Now that you know how to learn wedding planning, then what are you waiting for? Enroll now at Eduwings Udaipur and pave the way for a bright future following your passion and love for event management or wedding planning.

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