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Event management is the creation and management of large-scale personal or professional events. It involves overseeing all the logistics whether it be an F&B, sound, light, technical, sponsorship, etc.

Event management is a glamorous and thrilling career option. Eduwings can prove to be an excellent choice for an event management course in Udaipur. The benefits and courses will be at the end of this article.

Although it is a numerous and exciting field of opportunities, it takes a lot of hard work and effort to contend with the fast pace trend. The most common trend currently is a destination wedding. And you all might have heard about the best place for it, the city of lakes, Udaipur. Wedding planning is a major part and the biggest career option in event management, though it is itself a major part if you love to add some values and memories to others’ life, then you are in the right place. Carry on reading the article to know event management and wedding planning as a career in detail.

career scope in event management and wedding planning 


An event manager is responsible for all the event objectives like F&B, production, vendor management, ensuring suppliers turn-on time, presenter schedule is booked and also ensuring that the event adheres to health and safety concerns.

An event manager works on behalf of an organization or brand and maintains all the key aspects of the specific requirements of the client for the targeted audience. The responsibilities may vary from one job to another, due to the extensive approach of this field but an event manager is responsible to run the event smoothly, whereas an event planner is a person who decides to run the event. An event organizer is responsible for event planning, design, and production within time limits, working with clients to identify their needs and ensure their satisfaction. Organizing facilities and details such as decor, catering, entertainment, etc. are the particular authority of an event organizer.


  1. Coming up with a solution to enhance 
  2. Preparing budgets
  3. Excellent public relations and communication skills.
  4. Event management is the purest form to introduce and enhance your creativity. Creativity is one of the major parts of the events industry. 
  5. Good leadership skills
  6. Highly organized and disciplined 
  7. Expert interpersonal skills
  8. Risk management ability

The number one skill possessed by event managers is public relations or people skills. He or she should be able to maintain good communication with the clients and understand their specific needs. To successfully work with a variety of people you need to be a confident yet pleasant negotiator. Also, bring your sense of humor in the conversation to connect with your client and ease up the nervousness, this will also help you build trust for your brand and increase your credibility.


Soft-skills are crucially important in customer-based professions because it includes the direct relation with the customer/client. Soft skills include personality traits, creative thinking, problem-solving, teamwork management, positive thinking, motivation, critical thinking, etc.


In event management, excellent communication and interpersonal skills play a major role. Communication is the primary step when dealing with customer-based jobs. The other party should be able to understand what you have to offer which related to their needs, failing which may result in a no-deal.


In a day and age where the digital world is at your fingertips, it’s easy to lose consumers in chaotic competence. Marketing in event management is the most refined expertise utmost being social media marketing. Eduwings offers the finest quality of event management courses in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India with the fundamental training in social media marketing to spread your business via events. 

Wedding planning - Eduwings


  • Event Management & Wedding Planning Course can be the best option for those who love to Create Life Time Memories For Others…. Event Management is one of the most happening professions nowadays in India as India is known for its rich culture and spirit of celebrations of social life, festivals, and events. 
  • Everywhere from personal life to professional life there are a lot of events. From wedding and birthday parties to corporate events like reward & recognition and boot camps. Also, Entertainment has a huge part in the Indian economy and its maximum share is based on events like sports events and Bollywood award functions, celebrity shows, music concerts, comedy shows, etc. 
  • The event management industry is becoming vital in connecting economies, communities, international, national and local, businesses and their clients, one business and another, service providers and the users, connecting sectors like health, education, and welfare with other sectors. 
  • According to various media reports, the Indian Event & Wedding Industry is known for a recession-proof industry. The market size is a thousand crores and growing by 20-35% annually which is like the highest growth in the world as the US & Global market is witnessing only 6-10% growth. 

For event management course in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India, Eduwings is the best option, WHY?

We offer theoretical and fieldwork experience to enhance the skills of an individual and also move him/her towards professionalism.   

We offer two courses in event management

Course 1: Certificate course in event management and wedding planning with the benefit of 2 months long internship, 25+ days ground training, and 20+ workshops and MOCKsessions with added benefits of bonus curriculum which includes: 

  • Access to lifetime job alert via a Facebook group.
  • Free Spoken English  & PD class for 60 days.
  • Professional resume
  • Masterclass on salary/fee negotiation and much more.

Course 2: Advanced diploma in event management and wedding planning. This course is full-time 2 years long with added benefits of 5 months long internship and 40+ days of practical ground training and 30+ workshops and MOCK sessions. 

Hence, Eduwings is one of the best options for an event management institute in Udaipur that offers the best practical event management classes with the benefits of internship and placement opportunities.   

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