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Air hostess / cabin crew course


Course Overview

Air Hostess Training Institute Udaipur | Cabin Crew Course Udaipur

The job of an air hostess is to give wonderful customer service to travelers while guaranteeing their happiness and convenience all through the flight. They are prepared to manage security and crisis circumstances which may emerge and can control emergency treatment to travelers. air hostess ensures that all emergency equipment is in working order prior to taking off and that there are sufficient supplies. They likewise help travelers to load onto the plane and give an exhibit of wellbeing systems and hardware.

Air hostess endeavor to make the flying experience a charming one for the passengers and will serve refreshments and gifts.


Air hostess course / cabin crew course description:

Course code: 108

Age limit: 18-25 years

Duration of course: 6 months

Eligibility: 12 PASS

Height: 157.5 CM for female 162 cm for female

Examination body: EduWings Aviation Institute

Admission criteria: admission will be done on basis of a personal interview (in-house/telephonic)


  1. Aviation history, terms, and famous inventions and personnel.
  2. Study of types of emergency equipments (fire extinguishers, megaphone, radio beacon, asbestos gloves, emergency exits, oxygen system etc. )
  3. Passenger announcement system(PAS)
  4. Passenger service unit(PSU), Announcement and call-system.
  5.  The Technical study of different parts of aircraft (Ailerons, Rudder, Flaps, Engines etc) and different operational areas of cabin crew.
  6. Ground handling activities (airport’s different department and their functions / formalities/ reservations / visa /passport / refund etc.)
  7. Emergency evacuation, belly landing, crash landing, ditching etc
  8. Emergency situation handling
    (bomb scare, depressurization, hijacking, turbulence, cabin fires)
  9. English express module and phonetic languages.
  10. Personality development and grooming
  11. Major operational organizations( IATA, ICAO, DGCA, AAI etc )
  12. Interview skills

Extra Attraction:

  1. Training in MOCK aircraft
  2. In-flight experience
  3. Airport visits (domestic and international/ metro)

( PS: 50% cost of In-Flight Experience to be bear by candidate itself)


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  • Duration 24 week weeks
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