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Entrepreneurship Course for Business Owners (Offline)


Course Overview

Entrepreneurship Course for Business Owners (Offline)

Entrepreneurship today takes a huge swing in all echelons of society. What’s more, being a business visionary is no little undertaking, you need to sharpen your relational abilities, alongside the executives and initiative aptitudes, so as to wind up an effective business visionary.

Set aside the opportunity to experience a few courses that give you the guide on the most proficient method to do this, beginning from Characteristics of the Successful Entrepreneur and Critical Skills for Entrepreneurs.

At that point place yourself in the absolute best business people’s shoes and realize Why Entrepreneurs Should Think Big and act little.

These courses will show you business visionary aptitudes sharpened and refined by the bosses of the business world Those looking for a more elevate training can take the Entrepreneurship Course for Business Owners.

Duration- 3 months

Location – Udaipur

Classes- Weekend Saturday and Sunday only for 2 hours

Features – Outline of course

  1. Map Your Journey
  2. This module introduces the basics of starting a business by explaining different types of business structures, legal and tax considerations, and how to test your idea.
  3. This module describes how to organize your business, protect your ideas, and communicate them to others.
  4. This defines the process of identifying your target market, preparing to enter the marketplace and how to communicate value to your customers.
  5. Management- This module outlines a company’s organizational structure, how to recruit and manage talent, and organize your finances.
  6. This module addresses various financing methods available to startups, including how to prepare a good investor pitch.
  7. This program is specially designed for worried startup ownersRevenue generation tips and how to stay stable in long run.
  8. Overall growth factors in entrepreneurship programs which covers a major area of concern be it be an operation, sales marketing etc.
  9. To evaluate the effectiveness of different entrepreneurial strategies.
  10. Identify the elements of the success of entrepreneurial ventures


Unit 1- Introductory Class

Unit 2- How To Start Journey From Person Driven Business To People Driven Business

Unit 3- How to get more customers/revenue

  • AIDA model
  • Perfect marketing & sales strategy
  • Importance of online marketing

Unit 4- Essential skills for an entrepreneur

  • Effective writing & communication
  • Body language & presentation
  • Grooming

Unit 5- How to scale the business

  • Why scaling the business is important
  • Important steps
  • How to prepare a perfect strategy

Unit 6- SOP

  • Importance of SOP
  • How To prepare SOP’s
  • Few Examples With Demo

Unit 7- Understanding the entrepreneurship mindset

Unit 8- How to get more business with less spend?

Unit 9- Traditional business – modern enterprise

Unit 10- Right Recruitment method & team management

Unit 11- New age marketing

Unit 12- Benefits of accepting technology

Unit 13- How automation can change your business’s entire life?

Unit 14- Financial management


  • Problem assessment and implementation

Assignments and live projects with group discussion and seminars on Sunday.

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