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Certificate Course In Event Management


Course Overview


Event Management Course Rajasthan- Event management course is a form of marketing and advertising, is a glamorous and thrilling field. It gives you ample opportunities for unleashing your creative potential.

Event managers should have a flair for conducting events, a passion for doing it creatively, very good organizing skills as well as the willingness and ability to work long hours. Remuneration in this field varies according to the type of event managed. The salary can be from Rs. 8,000 to Rs.26,000 for a fresher and increases with the person’s experience and knowledge in event management. From here, salaries depend on the company one is working for. A freelancer’s income depends on the events/he handles.

The head of an event management company can earn in lakhs, depending on the scale of the events handled and whether s/he has a stake in the company Employment of meeting and convention planners is expected to grow 20 percent over the 2012-22 decade, which is faster than the average for all occupations.

As businesses and organizations become increasingly international, meetings and conventions become even more important. Today in India event management course has become the most viable career option. It actually offers immense scope for the youth. out Ideas”. We are the best institute for Event Management Course Rajasthan


Event management Course Details

Part 1

Module 1 – What is Event Planing?

Section 1 – Event Planning Overview, What is Event Planning, The Corporate Market, Social Events

Section 2 -The Role of an Event Planner, Main Tasks Involved in Event Planning, Skills Required for Event Planners, Where and For Whom Event Planner Works.

Section 3 – The Basics of Event Planning, Benefits of Successful and Safe Events.

Module 2 – Types of Events

Section 1- Corporate Events, Leisure Events, Private Events

Section 2 – Conferences, Seminars, Meetings, Conventions, Educational or Training Events

Section 3Sport Events, Festivals, Concerts, Fashion Shows

Section 4 – Weddings, Special Party Celebrations, Event Planning Essentials

Module 3 – Event Planning Process

Section 1 – Creating a vision and establishing a theme, Undertaking situational, Analysis, Setting objectives, Determining the Event Feasibility, Choosing an Organizational Structure, Preparing an Event Management Plan)

Section 2 – Initiating an Event, Planning an Event’s Scope, Conducting a Site Survey, Managing Client’s Goals and Expectations, Site Venue Layout / Design, Selecting Contracting and Managing Performers, Staging the Event)

Part 2

Module 4 – Event Concept and Theme Selection

Theme Selection Process, Environmental Scanning, The Brainstorming Process, Theming the Event, Programming, Managing the Creative Team, Theme Parties, Creating a Successful Theme Party

Module 5 – Event Budgeting

Income and Costs Analysis, Establishing an Appropriate Level of Budgeting, Monitoring the Budget, Budget Review, Feasibility Study, How to Make a Budget Sheet

Module 6 – Venue Management & Operations

Venue Selection, Types of Venues, Site Design Considerations, Production, Infrastructure, and Back Stage, Requirements, Fire and Ambulance Requirements, Noise Considerations

Module 7 – Human Resource Management

Identifying People Needs, Sourcing people, Selecting Staff for the Project, Staff Training, Developing Team Charter, Maintaining Effective Team Management, Resolving Conflicts, Releasing Staff at the End

Module 8 – Major Incident & Crisis Management

Event Risk Management, How to Manage Risk, Hazard Analysis, Contingency Plans, The Planning Process, Monitoring Safety Performance, The Role of a Safety Coordinator, Auditing and Reviewing Safety Performance, Dealing with Disaster, Preparing for a Major Incident, Threat Assessment, Pre-event Public Health Survey, Public Health Contingency Arrangements, Planning Medical Care, Emergency Evacuation, Health & Safety Requirements

Module 9 – Marketing

Principles, Key Concepts, Setting Goals and Priorities, Strategy Creation,Communication Skills, Social Media Promotion

Part 3
Special Additional Sessions

AIDA Model (Advertising/Branding/ Marketing/Promotion),Online Reputation Management, Social Media Calendar Planning in a Efficient Way, How To Grab Job/ Business Opportunities, Technical Information Of Equipments (Event Industry), Legal & Licensing, Financial & Taxation, Team Management, Logistics & Transportation, Starting Up & Running The Business, Audio Visuals & Lighting, Art & Science Of Sound System Arrangement, Sponsorship, Celebrity Management, Vendor Management, Client Meeting & Contracts.


1Uniform Set, Resume with Professional Approach, Study Material & Stationary

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