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Detailed Information About Event Management Course

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Event Management Packages

Salary in event management

In this field, numerous packages are available depending on your expertise, the position you want to apply for, and which firm and/or city you want to work for. In general, the following are the approximate salary packages offered by Indian event management companies:

On average in India –

  • An event manager can earn up to INR 4,00,000+ per annum.
  • An event coordinator can earn up to INR 2,00,000+ per annum.
  • A wedding planner can earn up to INR 3,00,000+ per annum.
  • The logistics manager can earn up to INR 5,00,000+ per annum. 

Job Profiles in Event Management

Every day there are a lot of events being conducted all over the globe and in India itself. For those events to function smoothly people hire event management companies or even freelancers, depending on what scale the event is going to be and the other requirements of the clients.

We’ve summarised the job profiles in the event management business for anyone interested in pursuing it as a career.

  1. Event Manager – An event manager’s responsibilities include organizing, managing, and putting the event together. They organize the meeting with the clients as well.
  2. Event Coordinator – This position entails overseeing all aspects of an event, from logistics to venue selection, as well as maintaining coordination. 
  3. Event Planner – An event planner is responsible for a variety of obligations and tasks. They must handle the logistics as well as liaise with any outside vendors. They must also make arrangements for the budget and location of the event.
  4. Wedding Planners – Wedding planners arrange their clients’ weddings from beginning to conclusion. This implies that they will disregard the guest list, invitations, and wedding theme. They are responsible for every detail of the wedding.
  5. Logistics Manager – This position requires the individual to manage the logistics, which includes the transportation and distribution of any goods or materials that will be brought in from outside the event, as well as the transportation and distribution of any goods or materials that will be brought in from outside the event.

These were some of the major job profiles in the event management industry. But this industry has a wide field, which opens up many doors for building a career. 

Event Management Course Eligibility

Students from any stream can apply for the courses after they have passed their 12th grade. After the tenth grade, students can enroll in an event management course at the diploma and certificate levels. If you want to apply for the course in college, you must have finished either the 12th grade at the undergraduate level or the UG degree at the graduate level. 

Is a Certificate Enough or a Degree is Necessary?

It is not necessary to obtain a degree in an event management course to pursue a career in this field. Though you should definitely apply for a certificate in the course because it will provide you with a certain level of knowledge in the industry, and clients and organizations prefer employees who have prior knowledge and comprehension of the field. It will also assist you in honing and improving your abilities. This is more of a creative sector, thus having solid talents and a creative mind is essential. Certification in the course might also assist you in identifying your areas of interest and expertise in this subject. 

Why Should You Choose a Course Rather Than Starting a Job/Freelancing Directly?

Having past experience in the sector is always advantageous when it comes to securing a decent project or employment. You are opting to be practical when you pursue a certificate or degree in the course first rather than heading straight for a job or freelance. Doing the research first will reveal a lot of information in advance, such as your strengths and shortcomings; however, if you start working on the project right away, you may wind up making the work more difficult for yourself and may even lose the project. Doing the course will also help you grasp how the events work in detail, which, if you chose to learn on the job, may compromise the quality of your work. If you want to work in the event management industry, you should consider taking a course before getting started. 

Freelancing in Event Management

The event management sector is a broad field with numerous work opportunities. You could be recruited as a freelancer for the job based on your skillset. However, you may require prior work experience to be able to freelance. This will provide you with some practical experience as well as extensive information about the job and field. If you’re skilled at what you do, you might even get recruited by a company that hires freelancers. You must also maintain touch with all recruitment agencies in order to avoid missing out on any opportunities and to ensure that people are aware of your services. You must be emotionally and physically prepared when freelancing because you may be needed to undertake any or all of the jobs that are required. You must continue to create strong links and work relationships in order to be recommended and hired. Apart from that, one of the most crucial aspects to remember is that freelancing requires patience and cautious consideration because it is not financially stable.

How Do Event Management Companies Earn?

The event management companies have a predetermined rate cart with which they must deduct profit and, eventually, employee salaries. They set their charges accordingly because they have a lot of responsibilities. However, rates may differ from one firm to the next, depending on where the company was founded, how the market rate is doing, and what it can pay. Then there are varying cost charges dependent on the service that their consumers have requested, which can sometimes be based on the hour or days. 


Best event management institutes in india

  1. NAEMD – Ahmedabad – Best Event Management Courses
  2. IIEM Delhi: Best Event Management Institute in Delhi
  3. EduWings Udaipur – Udaipur’s Best Institute for Event Management 
  4. NAEMD – JAIPUR | Event Management Institute
  5. NIEM – The Institute of Event Management – Pune

The Fee of Event Management Course

The cost of an event management course varies depending on the city and institute to which you apply, as well as whether you are pursuing a certification or a degree. Another consideration is whether your training will be conducted online or offline. The fees for an offline diploma might range anywhere from INR 20,000 to INR 1,00,000+. When taking an online certification course, prices can range anywhere from INR 12,000 to INR 1,00,000+. However, many institutes offer online degree programs as well as offline certification programs. As a result, it is up to you to decide what is more appropriate to continue with. 

Here we have enlisted the pros and cons of online and offline courses to help you in selecting what is best for you:

Pros and Cons of Online Courses


  1. The online courses are useful since they allow you to work at your own pace. Even the trainers are virtually always available. Assignments can be assigned to you, and you can do them both online and offline. Notes, quizzes, and other materials are all available on your displays. 
  2. Another benefit of online education is its flexibility. You can study, work, and do everything else while still completing your academics. Even if you have a job, you can learn something new.
  3. If you have any questions after the lectures, online courses allow you to speak with the instructor or trainer directly and confidentially. 
  4. This is cost-effective because you will be saving a lot of money by studying at home. The cost of getting to the institute will also be reduced. 
  5. Self-reliance and discipline are two of the most important traits one may have in life, and online programs will enable you to improve them in some way. No one will be checking to see if you are paying attention, just like at home. You will be solely liable for your actions.


  1. A faulty internet connection or a power outage that neither the student nor the instructor can fix could be a constant obstacle to your learning. A learner may become demotivated as a result of this.
  2. When something is right in front of your eyes, it is sometimes easier to grasp. When compared to sitting in front of a computer or phone screen, a one-on-one connection with the trainer or instructor helps you understand things better. 
  3. Because there would be no one to keep an eye on you all the time, the online course may also teach you how to procrastinate. Which will allow you to continue to put off the task at hand. 

Pros and Cons of Offline Courses 


  1. Students can readily clear their doubts immediately from the trainer or teacher on hand when studying offline. One of the finest and most crucial advantages of learning in offline mode is the ability to save time.
  2. Offline classes provide a much deeper comprehension. Because communicating in the offline mode is much better.  
  3. If you aren’t paying attention, the teacher will notice, which is beneficial because it increases your focus skills. 


  1. The most significant disadvantage is that if you study offline, you will spend a significant amount of money just commuting to the institute. 
  2. When you attend offline sessions, you will typically have less time for self-study because you will be traveling back and forth from your home to the institute. 
  3. The lectures will not be recorded or broadcast again. So, unlike online classes, if you miss something, you won’t be able to make up for it. 

How Eduwings is helping students for the last 8 years?

Best Digital Marketing Institute in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India

Traditional methods of income generation are proving insufficient, resulting in youth unemployment. Eduwings India recognizes the demands of the current era, including the need for professional services that necessitate knowledge of specialized courses. We’ve been assisting students for the past 8 years in gaining knowledge and understanding of skilled courses, as well as assisting them in finding new career prospects with better pay. Every year, we introduce a new course to our institute, giving students a diverse range of possibilities from which to choose and pursue a profession. Our students participate in training and workshops that give them the necessary experience to succeed in their chosen field of expertise. 

Why Eduwings Academy Udaipur Can Be The Best Choice For Event Management or Wedding Planner Course In Rajasthan?

Eduwings’ major goal is to educate our students and prepare them for a better future by providing them with training in their chosen sector. We have been training our students for over 5 years and have been acknowledged as giving the best event management education in Udaipur. We have an expert team of trainers here who are dedicated to teaching the best to the students. In addition to the training, we assist students with internships, company placements, event management, and wedding planning in Udaipur.

Eduwings offers a one-year program in event management and wedding planning that includes a guaranteed internship. 

Why Event Management Course in Udaipur?

It’s no surprise that the City of Lake Udaipur has grown into a major event hub and is now regarded as one of the top wedding destinations, attracting the start of numerous events such as weddings and product launches. Every year, many events take place in Udaipur, and these events are not only organized by locals, but also by visitors from other cities. This is advantageous for event management firms and freelancers alike because foreigners look for event planners in the city as well as locals. Because Udaipur continues to be ranked as one of the top destinations to hold events, there are several career possibilities available for the students as well. 

So, if you decide to take an event management course in Udaipur, you should have no trouble finding jobs and assignments (depending on your skills and experience). Despite the fact that there is a lot of competition in the industry, generating high-quality results will help you land new contracts and raise your brand awareness. 

Success Stories of Eduwings 

Over the years, the event management industry has grown at a steady pace. People attach sentimental importance to these events and hold them close to their hearts, therefore their start dates and budgets have significantly increased. The wedding planning industry has also grown significantly, with a budget of over 100 crores.

Eduwings academy Udaipur is pleased and glad to have trained students who are now able to earn a solid living. Here are a handful of the many successful trained students’ joyful success stories:

  1. SHREYA JAIN – Miss Shreya has been self-employed in her favorable field of event management and earning very well. Her per annum earning is INR 12 lakh. She has expertise in all types of events and has successfully hosted corporate events and numerous large weddings.
  2. NIHARIKA PANDEY – From making a career in the tours and travels industry to changing her mind and joining the course of event management and making it her career, Miss Niharika has always stood apart from all the other students due to her desire to do something different since the beginning. She has created the First Divyanga Talent Show organized in Udaipur and is doing something anybody would have hardly imagined.
  3. MOHIT NAHAR – Mr. Mohit has many big events. An efficient event planner that he is, he also is the owner of the wedding dial and is earning INR 3 lakh per annum.
  4. JAIMIK PANCHAL – Mr. Jaimik had initially done the course of anchoring from Eduwings itself and then the course of event management. Currently, he is successful in both fields and is earning INR 6 lakh.
  5. ARMAN MEV – Mr. Arman, the first student of the event management course in Eduwings believes that no work is small or big and competed for the training successfully with due hard work. He has provided his services to many events. 

The Cost of Living in Udaipur 

In comparison to tier 1 cities, Udaipur has a lower cost of living. A single person can live in Udaipur for about INR 26,000 (about). The rent costs would be determined by the desired/required living standards. 

Internship/ON JOB TRAINING (OJT) During The Course 

Eduwings academy Udaipur has successfully provided students with paid internships and on-the-job training through its courses and training. Our students can expect a guaranteed internship, placements, and recommendations. We care about your future and career. 

Admission Process at Eduwings

Admission Process

Eduwings Academy Udaipur offers a simple application process. Every deserving and determined student who wishes to pursue a brighter future and employment prospects gets admitted. The sole requirement is that the student has completed the 10+2 program. During the admissions process, students can choose between Hindi and English as their training medium. We accept everyone without prejudice.

For an event management and wedding planning course in Udaipur, please contact us right away. 


What is Event management?

What is Event Management?

Event management can be understood at the base level as the management of an event. It includes all the big events including corporate events, personal events, social events, and commercial events. They have to take care of the overall workings of the event. From the decorations to communicating with the vendors and at times even setting up the budget of the event. Event management requires you to be creative regarding a lot of things, have really good communication skills, and have a lot of patience to work in the field. Fixing the venue and setting it up according to the demands of the client and maintaining the standard of the event is an important part that can be accomplished with a bit of hard work and determination and passion for the job. There are a lot of tasks and responsibilities of event management. The technical aspects are as well to be taken care of like coordinating the speakers and mics. Taking care of the seating arrangements, and the necessary licenses. Though there are a lot of aspects of event management, there are different people designated for conducting different work in the event management companies.

Key Skills for Event Management

Communication Skills

Being in the event management industry requires good communication skills as it plays a very important role in the job. Communicating properly is not only a requirement but also a necessity to work in this field. The way you communicate with the staff and the clients defines your leadership and the success of the event as well. The communication should be done in such a way that no one gets hurt or is looked down upon and the message is conveyed as well. It should be done in a clear way, easy to understand for everyone.

The Ability to Listen and Understand

There are different kinds of events and the clients’ and their taste as well. So in order to provide the clients with a satisfactory event you need to be able to listen and understand everything that they are trying to tell you. You need to understand the event type and also try to understand and pay attention to what is said and what isn’t said during important interactions. Staying one step ahead requires getting into the details deeply throughout the planning process.

Patience Level

The job of an event manager is typically stressful as there are a lot of tasks that need to be completed and if anything goes wrong, everyone will come looking for the manager or the solutions. This kind of situation arises now and then in every event. But you need to handle the situations calmly. It is quite possible that the client might blame you for an issue that arises, you need to maintain your calmness and patience no matter how much anger you feel inside. 

Decision-Making Ability

As the manager, you need the ability to make firm decisions every now and then as people will come to you for any kind of trouble and find its solutions. You need to make quick decisions and if taken the wrong one has its solution at hand. But no matter what you should always remember that there is always a solution. 

Passion and Creativity

To accomplish profit and good outcomes in any job, passion plays a very important role, and in the event management industry creativity is also a major requirement. It is not just about doing the job, it is also about enjoying it. In this field, since there will be a lot of stressful days, your passion and creativity would be your biggest saviors. Every other skill can be taught but passion comes from within.

Types of Events

Types of Events

There are 4 major categories of Events:

Corporate Events:

Product Launch
Corporate Training
R&R Events

Personal Events:

Date Planning
Themed Parties

Social Events:

Social Cultural Events
Fashion Shows
Cooking Competitions
Masquerade Party
Yacht Party
Music Festivals

Commercial Events:

Trade Show
Charity Event

What is a Corporate Event?

Corporate Events

Corporate events are held by companies as a major to mainly interact and engage with their employees, they can also be termed as team building events. These may span from award ceremonies to launching some new policy or product. These are mainly held for the staff. It might also help in uplifting the spirits of the employees as it is a break from the regular day-to-day work. It improves the relation between the employee and the employer, and might also help in improving the work environment. But there are other types of corporate events as well, some held for just the shareholders while some might be public product launches.

So it is quite safe to say that these events are important for an organization and need to be handled with that kind of sincerity so they tend to hire event management companies for the same.

Types of Corporate Events:

  • Product Launch

Launching a product is a very important event for any company. The main objective of holding an event for the launch of a new product is to let the staff and everyone who is a part of the company. This event is as important as making and planning the new product. 

  • Conferences 

The conferences are longer durational and larger events. Their main goal is to provide the staff with any updates or particulars for the respective organization or to discuss a particular topic that might need the concern and discussions of the staff.

  • Seminars

Seminars are usually held on a small scale and there is one chosen topic, in which relevant information is exchanged with the guests. There are guest speakers at these events as well. It mostly is for a small audience.

  • Corporate Training:

Corporate training events are critical for leaders and corporate managers to succeed in a challenging environment. A corporate training program can aid in the creation of synergy and collaboration inside an organization. These types of events are mostly organized on a small scale and can last for average to long durations.

  • Rewards & Recognition (R&R) Events:

The R&R events are also known as the reward and recognition events. Typically at these events, the employees are given the reward and recognized for their work through awards ceremonies done in the company. The event may be conducted annually or in a 6 months period of time, depending on the company and its policies.

  • Workshops:

A workshop might introduce a new concept, encourage participants to investigate it further on their own, or demonstrate and promote process practice. It’s a terrific way to teach hands-on skills since it allows members to experiment with new techniques and fail in a safe environment.

Workshops that are a success are a direct outcome of the event organizer’s proper prior planning.

What Are Personal Events?

Personal Events

Personal events are events that are personal and private and have more of a sentimental value attached to them. They might as well be considered important parts and events of an individual’s life. Personal events may include date planning, wedding, birthdays, GTG, anniversaries, family events, VIPs, themed parties, etc. which a person holds close to heart and remembers all their life. Depending on the type of event, its audience scale differs as well. These events call for perfection, so people reach out to event management companies in order to achieve a beautiful and memorable event.

Types of Personal Events:

  • Date Planning:

In Western nations, dating is a stage of romantic relationships in which two individuals meet socially with the goal of each judging the other’s desirability as a potential partner in a future relationship. Events like these are organized keeping in mind the location, its privacy, and comfort for the couple.

  • Birthday:

A birthday event/party is a gathering to commemorate the birthday of the individual being honored. Colorful decorations, such as balloons and streamers, are frequently used to decorate party venues. A lit candle on a birthday cake is traditionally blown out when a “birthday wish” is made. A birthday celebration necessitates extensive planning and personalization.

  • Wedding:

One of the biggest and expensive events to happen are wedding events. There are just too many details to consider while planning a wedding. To avoid mistakes and deliver a wonderful wedding, wedding event management necessitates a great deal of talent and effort. A wedding ceremony is made up of several different components. They range from the wedding rehearsal dinner to the wedding and celebration.

  • Anniversaries:

Anniversaries are significant milestones in one’s life. They serve as a reminder of significant personal and cultural events. An anniversary is a date on the calendar that reminds us of something important to us, whether it’s a birthday, a wedding or civil partnership, a significant event, or the death of a loved one.

  • Family:

A family event is a party or gathering when each underage attendee is directly overseen by an adult family member aged 21 or older. Family reunions, parties, gatherings, picnics, vacations, engagement announcements, baby showers, etc. are some types of family events that can be organized.

  • VIP:

VIP events are majorly invite-only events that are conducted for a specific group of people. These events provide the participants with a personalized experience.

  • Themed Parties:

Theme parties are very popular. This kind of event is based on a theme, the dresses, decorations of the venue, and food are all prepared according to the chosen theme. At times the event manager is given the responsibility to even choose the theme according to the event.

What Are Social Events?

Social Events

Social events are held by a group of people in order to hang out together, enjoy the time and have fun. These events are a good way of socializing and even meeting new people. It can also be considered as taking a break from the day to day life and having fun. These can range from having parties at a yacht, having competitions and even the birthday parties thrown at a large scale can all be included in social events. People contact event management companies so that these events can be fun and have something new and exciting.

Types of Social Events:

  • Social Cultural Events:

These events hold cultural value and since they give a chance for social gatherings as well, they are a part of social events. There are different types of cultural events as well.

  • Concerts:

Concerts are music events. There is a live performance of the artists in front of a live audience. There can be a single musician or a whole band. These concerts can last up to 2 hours.

  • Fashion Shows:

Fashion show events are put together so that fashion designers can showcase their work in front of people. Some models do the ramp walk and show the dresses to the present audience. With that, the special effects of light and music need to be taken care of as well.

  • Cooking Competitions:

In cooking competitions, people come and participate by making a dish or dishes depending on the requirement and then there are judges as well what and give the score to the participants.

  • Masquerade Party:

Masquerade parties are very innovative and creative types of parties. In this, the guests are supposed to wear masks while attending the party. These kinds of parties are majorly fancy and elegant.

  • Yacht Party:

Yacht parties are held on a yacht, as it is clear from the name. These parties can also be counted as high-standard parties. The food and beverages are served on the yacht.

  • Music Festivals:

At the music festivals, there is a sequence of musical performances based on a particular theme of music. They are also held to promote a composer’s music, it could also be in the form of a contest for musicians or composers.

What Are Commercial Events?

Commercial Events

A commercial event is the type of event which is conducted for the purpose of making money. There is generally an entrance fee for these events. They can be private or public, charitable or non-charitable. Majorly these require a lot of preparations and decorations, hence people contact and hire the event management companies to handle these events so that the commencement of these events is hassle-free.

Types of Commercial Events:

  • Trade Shows:

Think of it as an event where companies come and exhibit their products to a large audience. These are huge events where the good and fair competition takes place. There are a lot of particulars to keep in mind when organizing this type of event as it includes a lot of tasks. There are many event management course providers which can help you understand the basics and techniques of organizing an event.

  • Expos:

Expos or expositions, often known as trade fairs, are small- or large-scale gatherings where firms and companies in a certain specialty gather to demonstrate their services and goods or promote new business initiatives.

  • Exhibitions:

Exhibitions can be summed up as an event where the display of valuable items is done. There are many types of exhibitions, from big and small art galleries to commercial exhibitions and trade fairs.

  • Fundraising:

Fundraising events are organized in order to make people aware of the good intentions of an organization. The funds can be raised for any type of event in which people might be interested and pay for the tickets which can then be used in the charity work.

  • Charity Event:

An event whose main goal is to raise funds in order to do the charity work s termed as a charity event.

Role of An Event Manager

Irrespective of the type or subject of an event, it needs to be perfect in all the ways possible in order for it to be successful and memorable. This is specifically one of the biggest reasons why people prefer to hire event managers or event management companies to help in the commencement of any event.  There are a lot of important responsibilities and tasks of an event manager. It can be said that the whole event depends on the efficiency of an event manager. If you need to break it into simpler terms, an event manager is a person who manages the event.

If you are looking for successful event planning, the role of an event manager is the most important one.

Basically, the main duties of an event manager are to take care of and planning of the budget that has to be used. Managing the logistics like catering, all concerns regarding the venue. If there are any registrations regarding the event, they have to be managed as well. On day management and to ensure that everything functions smoothly in the event. Apart from that, they also have the duty to manage and assign the duties to other staff and departments of event management. But the role does not end with the event, they also have to do a follow-up with the clients, get their feedbacks ad look for any scope of improvement for future events. They also need to take care of any outsourced logistics. In short, we can say that event managers have the most important and busy role in any and every event.

Role of A Wedding Planner

Weddings are considered as one of the most important events of anybody’s life and hence they call for perfection and memorable experience for the bride and the groom. But no matter what, they also tun tot to be a bit hectic and stressful, here comes the role of a wedding planner, which on the whole, is to manage the logistics, vendor recommendations, they are all about managing and taking care of all the details that will make the wedding day a very special and memorable one. The planner will meet the couple, understand their requirements, and act accordingly. They will also help in finalizing the budget for the wedding and how the expenses will be managed.

Typically the duties of a wedding planner include taking care of the budget, understanding the requirements of the couple. Arranging the florists, helping with the wedding costumes of the couple. They also help in bargaining with the vendors if required. And if there is any on-hand trouble during the wedding or pre-wedding, they have to be present there to solve it. Having good communication skills and a lot of patience is very important for any wedding planner whether it be an experienced one or a fresher.

There is no specific time duration for a wedding planner to work. The whole day could be utilized in the planning and implementation of it.

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