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    Course Duration
    4 Months
    Hindi + English
    Job & Internship
    Theory, Practical
    & MOCK
    Quick Overview
    Batch Size Upto 7 Students
    40+ Live Practical
    Case Studies
    Free Spoken English &
    PD Classes
    Training on Various Tools
    Monday - Thursday
    90 Minutes (3 Months)
    Monday - Saturday
    240 Minutes ( 1 Month )

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    Digital Marketing Course Modules

    Module 1 : Orientation Session

    ·      Introduction

    ·      Fundamentals Of Digital Marketing

    ·      Understanding of Various Platforms

    ·      Goal Planning & Setting

    ·      Understanding The Must Have Skills & Attitude

    Module 2 : Marketing Fundamentals

    • AIDA
    • SWOT
    • Marketing v/s Sales
    • Brand Awareness v/s Lead Generation
    • Other Glossary Concepts


    Module 3 :
    social media marketing

    • What, How, Why
    • Organic Marketing – FB, Twitter, Insta
    • Paid Marketing – FB, Twitter, Insta
    • Brand Outreach – Telegram, FB Groups, Influencer Collaboration, Pinterest, Reels, Shorts

    Module 4 : Content & Video marketing

    • Concept Planning
    • Content Creation
    • Content Distribution
    • Tribe Building
    • Viral Concepts
    • Video Planning
    • Camera Facing & Voice Modulation
    • Basic Video / Audio Editing Using Mobile / Desktop Apps
    • Chance To Win CASHBACK In Content War

    Module 5 : youtube marketing

    • YouTube Algorithms
    • Video Length, Content & Other Technical Information
    • YouTube SEO & Third-Party Tools


    Module 6 :
    affiliate marketing

    • How To Start Affiliate Marketing
    • Best Platforms (Indian / International)
    • How To Start taking Actions


    Module 7 : Community Management

    • Building highly Engaged Audience (Learn From The Expert Who is Managing 10 Lakh+ Audience As A Community)
    • High Performance Oriented Community
    • How To Monetize The Community

    Various Ways To Keep The Audience Connected With You / Your Brand

    Module 8 : Personal Branding

    • Creating Winning Strategy For Personal Branding
    • Using Smart Insta Feed
    • How To Grow Your Personal Face Value
    • Chance To Win Professional Photo Shoot For Personal Branding (Contest) 

    Module 9 : Designing

    • Creating Professional Designs With Free Mobile & Desktop Apps
    • Understanding Various Size & Colour Concepts
    • 50+ Live Case Study

    Module 10 : Website

    • Domain Booking (Chance To Get Free Hosting For 1 Year)
    • DNS Configuration
    • WP Theme Installation

    Module 11 : Website Management

    • Using Various Sections Of Theme
    • Planning The Perfect Web Structure
    • Creating Eye-Catching Content
    • Setting Up Right Call To Actions
    • Content Distribution

    Module 12 :

    • DA / PA Concepts
    • How SEO Works
    • Speed Optimization, Load Time Setup
    • SEO Anatomy
    • Analytics Setups & Management

    Module 13 :
    On Page / Technical SEO

    • Super boring technical names like H1, H2, or Meta Description becomes your friends in this chapter where you learn how to finish the requirements of search engines so the page of the website starts indexing in top searches of google

    Module 14 : Off page SEO

    • Link Creation
    • Link Budling
    • How To Use Quora
    • Guest Postings

    Module 15 : local / google listings

    • Creating Local Listings
    • Managing Local Listings
    • Optimizing Local Listings
    • Map Marking & Integrations

    Module 16 : automation & funnels

    • Setup of Automation Tools 
    • Uses of Automation Tools for Having Strong Sales Funnels

    Module 17 :

    • Understanding of Various E-Commerce Platforms
    • Setting up The Store In Third-Party Stores

    MODULE 18 :

    • Setting Up Linked Profile & Company Page
    • How To Hunt For Job & Job Seekers

    Module 19 : international marketing

    • Setting Up Paid Campaigns On Social Media
    • International SEO
    • International PPC

    Module 20 : Freelancing

    • How To Get Freelancing Projects From Local Market
    • How To Get Freelancing projects From Global Market
    • Pricing & negotitation 

    Module 21 : portfolio developement

    • How To Prepare Mind-blowing Profile, Portfolio, Resume & CV

    Module 22 :
    G.D. / P.D. & P.I. Rounds

    • GD Skills
    • PD Tips
    • MOCK PI

    (1 Month intense training)

    After The Training of All Modules & Chapters, You’ll Have To Work As A trainee For 2-4 Hours Daily For Almost 1 Month Where You’ll Be Learning 1 Master Skills From The Below List

    • Content & Copy-Writing
    • Social Media Marketing
    • On-Page SEO
    • Off-Page SEO
    • Web Development

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    The Market rate of Digital Marketers at different levels:-

    Digital marketing executive-
    This is an entry level when you first start working with very less experience
    Knowledge required- basic overall knowledge of digital marketing and might be asked to do analyzing, testing and researching
    Salary- 1.5 to 2.1 lakhs per annum

    Digital marketing specialist-
    This would require about a year or two experience.
    Knowledge required- specialization in SEM or SEO
    Salary- 2.7 to 3.1 lakhs per annum

    Digital marketing manager-
    Around 3 to 4 years of experience is required
    Knowledge required- complete knowledge about digital marketing and should be able to form strategies
    Salary- 3.7 to 4.1 lakhs per annum

    Digital marketing analyst-
    This job profile is in every organization
    Knowledge required- strategic and analytical jobs
    Salary- 4.7 to 6.1 lakhs per annum

    Digital marketing head-
    This is the senior most profile and only exist in big companies
    Knowledge required- overall marketing head

    Duration Of Offline Digital Marketing Course in Udaipur At EduWings?

    The duration of all certificate courses varies from 45 days to 4 months, depending upon their significance.
    Search Engine Optimization and social media marketing is a 45 days training program each. Whereas, the complete digital marketing course is 3 months long and internet entrepreneurship is 4 months extensive training program.


    At Eduwings, we provide theoretical and practical training to our trainees. We also offer our students live projects and practical knowledge with work experience. We are the best digital marketing institute in Udaipur. Also, we give opportunities for internships and placements.


    Timings of Eduwings Udaipur : 10:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. and batch timing depends upon the suitability of students.


    Yes, we at Eduwings offer fundamental to advance level training with internship program and also provide 100% placement assistance.


    The income differs from the job roles and skills of an individual. The Ex-Students of Eduwings earned packages of 8,500-50,000 per month.


    Because of the enormous opportunities and competence in the field, income is based on an individual’s skills and experience. But income as per job roles:
    Digital Marketing/SEO/PPC/Social Media Fresher (0-1 year experience) average salary is 2,50,000-4,00,000
    Digital Marketing executive average salary is 1.5 lakh to 2.1 lakhs
    Digital Marketing analyst earns 4.7 lakhs to 6.1 lakhs per annum.
    Head of digital marketing earns up to 40,00,000 per annum.
    A YouTuber earns up to 10-12 lakhs per branded content video published on YouTube.
    SEO Specialists earn up to 6.6 lakhs per annum.


    Digital marketing refers to the advertising and promotion of products and services which include various techniques such as social media marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, pay-per-click ads, etc. Eduwings is the best digital marketing institute in Udaipur Rajasthan, India that offers the finest digital marketing training program with other advanced courses in Udaipur. In today’s emerging market there are several benefits of digital marketing that can not only help you to grow your business but also open a gate for a wide range of jobs in the industry.


    EduWings offers the best digital marketing course in udaipur, including social media marketing programs and advanced SEO training in Udaipur , Rajasthan, India with live projects to help our students get into professional life. Digital marketing is a realm of opportunities. Growing internet entrepreneurship is technically manipulative for everyone to have an online presence that it’s become almost criminal not to have one. It is the best profession to make money while studying and working. There is a great demand for YouTubers, Creative Writers, Bloggers, SEO Specialists, Digital Marketing Executives, Digital Marketing Specialists, and Analysts. Income differs from job roles and experience. The average income in this industry is 3,00,000 to 4,00,000 per annum.


    A leader knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way” rightly said by John Maxwell. These words exhibit the true essence of a leader. Varun Surana, the acclaimed leader of Eduwings, has been running this institute for 6 years now. Mr. Varun Surana is a proficient expert in entrepreneurship and brand consulting. Hindustan Times has rewarded him with an entrepreneurship excellence award, and Academic excellence award. He has worked with 100’s of companies and gained experience in the fields like event management, marketing, corporate training, and digital marketing. At Eduwings we are having a trained and expert team under the guidance of Mr. Surana to help our students get the best facility, best education, best exposure, and best industry standards in the digital marketing training institute in Udaipur. We have 100% practical training programs with industry professionals. You can get theoretical knowledge even at zero cost in this digital age, but for practical knowledge, you need to go out and learn from an expert in the field, and we offer teachings from professionals. 

    Youths are more directed toward entrepreneurship, and our mission is to help individuals turn professionals to earn more by enhancing their skills. You can visit our website Eduwings India and read the success stories of those who are enjoying a substantial income after pursuing their certificate course in the best institute for digital marketing course in Udaipur. We have trained thousands of students under the guidance of Mr. Surana at Eduwings, who are enjoying a good deal of money along with their studies/jobs. You can be the next.


    Digital marketing has an iconic foothold in the drift of trends and entrepreneurship mania. It is no longer a medium but a platform for advertising and marketing. Since companies are trying to engage the targeted audience virtually, they require a team of people with different skill-sets for specific job roles. Thus, increasing the career scope in digital marketing.  Approx 11 new people use social media for the first time every second. In 2017, almost 2.5 billion people were active on social media and now in 2020 more than 3.8 billion people are using social media. It is estimated that the market size is expected to grow 5.6 billion users by 2025. So, digital marketing is not a question of what, it is a question of why?  To become a good Digital Marketer, Eduwings is the best institute for digital marketing training in Udaipur that provides solely practical-based training with placement opportunities.


    As career scope in digital marketing grows, income opportunity is a never-ending cycle in this field. Income opportunities in digital marketing are as easy as a pie because the engagement rate over social media platforms is increasing day by day. One can earn from 4.7 lakh per annum to 40 lakhs per annum depending upon the skills and experience. 

    Digital marketing manager earns an average of 4.7 lakh per annum. 

    SEO specialists earn an average of 1.9 lakhs.

    Search Engine marketer earns an average of 3.6 lakhs.

    Social media marketing manager earns an average income of 3.5 lakhs per annum.

    A web analyst 3.6 lakhs 

    Content marketing manager earns an average of 6.4 lakhs per annum.

    Marketing specialist 4.6 lakhs and

    Event marketer 5 lakhs per annum.

    All the above-mentioned salaries and job profiles are for people with 0-3 years of experience. To become efficient in the field, Eduwings is the best institute for digital marketing course in udaipur, Rajasthan, India that provides solely practical-based training with fieldwork experience.


    Job roles for digital marketing aspirants passed out from the digital marketing institute in Udaipur:

    > Mobile Marketing: You should possess great communication skills along with understanding what your targeted audience wants.

    > Search Engine Optimization(SEO): A SEO specialist day to day responsibility is to optimize websites to achieve higher search engine rankings. Also, his/her duty is to discover the ongoing keyword search and expand the keyword opportunity.

    > Social Media Marketing (SMM): Interacting with customers and dealing with their queries. Developing new social media strategies and managing a budget for promotions on social media and pay-per-click management are the main job responsibilities of a social media marketer.

    > Search Engine Marketing (SEM): A search engine marketer has to develop and implement paid search campaigns, ensuring the highest ROI on paid searches, in-depth campaigns, and web analysis.

    > Content Marketer: A content marketer is responsible for creating appealing content for the video for the purpose of promotion and advertising.

    > Web analyst/Data Analyst: A web analyst shall plan, develop and manage web and mobile campaign and channel tracking. Communicating with the concerned authority about the analysis from campaigns.

    > E-commerce Manager: Overseeing the design and development of the same, design and execute road maps, monitoring web analysis and internal data sources are the main responsibilities of an e-commerce manager.

    > Email Marketing: This is one of the very highly skilled forms of promotion. Optimizing user-friendly data, proofreading the in and out key messages in the email.

    > Customer Relationship Management: The main responsibility of customer relationship management is as the name suggests, developing and maintaining relationships with the clients/customers, understanding the needs of customers, resolving their issues, and keeping them updated on the newly launched products.

    There are so many job roles for digital marketing aspirants despite the roles mentioned above but you need proper guidance to enhance and excel in the field. Eduwings offers the best digital marketing course in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. 


    Anyone who is legally eligible to do a job and who has a similar interest can build their career in digital marketing at the finest digital marketing training institute in Udaipur. Whether you are a student, working, homemaker wanting to restart their career, looking for an alternate source of income, etc. However, when you are entering a marketing field, there are some specific skill-sets you should develop or learn:

    > Writing

    You should have good knowledge of vocabulary and grammar to engage your audience in interesting content. It takes practice to do so as the content you write is with a limited number of words and space.

    > SEO

    You should become a search engine specialist with excellent market knowledge and be able to optimize traffic to your website by developing appealing content for your targeted audience.

    > PPC

    It is a great option to pop up your ad, but establishing a presence can take a while. Pay-per-click is a guaranteed form of your ads, you pay for every click your ad gets, but this is not the only surety that would drive people towards your ad. You need to learn how to appeal to your audience as the quality and relevance of your product matter a lot. 


    You need to develop organizational and management skills, this skill is not only a requirement to this field but to every field you go for. You have to learn to organize as you would be dealing with lakhs of people per day, not hundreds, not thousands, lakhs. 


    You should have great analysis skills, you shall have the eyes of an eagle if you want to increase your credibility and sales over social media. 

    Digital marketing is storming the market. You shall learn this new normal with the changing trends. EduWings Udaipur gives placement and internship opportunities to all of their students’ along with practical work knowledge and advancing their skills by offering the best digital marketing course making it one of the finest institutes for digital marketing training in Udaipur.

    Do you offer an EMI facility at EduWings Udaipur?

    Yes, we do offer an EMI facility with 0% interest. Our tagline is ‘nurturing individuals into professionals’, we mean it and act on it.

    Do You Have Refund Policy ?

    Sorry, once the fee is deposited if student leave the program in mid, institute is not responsible for any fee refund but if the insutute fails to run the batch because of any condition, institute can refund the fee (Based On Management Decision)

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