Don’t have Or Don’t Want To Have a degree?  Read This One

Don’t have Or Don’t Want To Have a degree? Read This One

Don’t have Or Don’t Want To Have a degree? Read This One

Do people make you feel low if you don’t or won’t have a degree ??

Yes, You are an exception because most of the billionaires in the world don’t have a degree 🙂

be an exception out of the crowd as most billionaires in the world don’t possess a degree.

Yes, it’s true! To start your own business or to become successful you don’t need paper degrees. This world welcomes unique and creative thinker as well and pays a handsome amount in return.

Let’s start this blog with an interesting conversation between Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates.

When the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg was asked for a commencement address at Harvard, he asked for advice from bill gates.

Zuckerberg said “ do they know we are not actually graduates, right?

To which bill gates replied, oh! That is the best part that they actually give you a degree!

This recent conversation between two famous Harvard dropouts might compel you to think that college and degree don’t matter.

You must have heard from famous millionaire and billionaires that never be ashamed of being college/school drop out what matters is the level of talent you have in your interested field. Master the talent of being unique and do what you are expertized in, as the society will judge you in both good and bad way. But your successful memory will never fade from the mind of readers and viewers.

As per our research on education and talent, we analyzed that majority of worlds success stories are either achieved by young entrepreneurs and start-ups who are self-made and brought their company from zero to billions with their unique ideas and learning offbeat courses.

Gone are the days when people use to follow beda-move. Now students are available with numbers of choices and courses as per their interest level. It is not necessary that you opt B.TECH, MBBS, CA, CS, MBA etc. there are courses available where you can shine your career by just focusing hardcore on your training period.

Let’s discuss in trend offbeat courses which helped the number of people to generate the desired revenue within a limited period.

Top 5 offbeat professional courses-

If you have a unique interest and you work in that direction to improve it, then that’s really good but what world demand is the pool of professionals, the hardcore one who works in one direction with complete focus and creative ideas. To earn unlimited without any degree you have to become a pro in your desired area of activity. We are listing here some unique offbeat professional courses which will guide you in your decision-making journey.

1- Event Management-

This is an intensive academic programme is designed to build working professionals with a unique ideology and concepts. As we all know that the demand for professional event managers is always high. With the change in living standard and modernization, the time has become a big constraint! Now everybody wants there special events to be conducted like a pro.

Be it be the wedding event, social events or corporate., everywhere the demand for professionals is very high. A candidate gets the opportunity to grow in monetary and creative terms as well. Here you can earn in lakhs by just inculcating your abilities and your creative brain. To know more about this course click on the link


2- Digital marketing-  

Accept the change and flourish with digital knowledge. At a high level,  digital marketing is referred to advertising delivered through various digital channels such as search engine optimization, social media marketing, website, email, mobile phones etc. designing strategies which help marketers and businessman to promote their product and services and generate sales. Here we list a few points that why it is trending and what are its benefits.

  1. Facilitate with fast career progression.
  2. Unbelievable pay
  3. Numerous job opportunities
  4. Work from anywhere
  5. The world is driven by the internet and it holds a key factor.
  6. The fascinating and versatile field for early earnings
  7. Get trained at your own pace without getting bored as everyday u will learn a new chapter.

If you want to earn and learn more click on  



3- Anchoring-

30 minutes talk can do magic in terms of revenue and your fame. Want to be the part of glamour world? Magic talk show and voila you are all set to master the art of public speaking. But all this needs professionalism and which you can learn in just 45 days. The career in anchoring can do wonders in your professional life increasing your confidence level, personality development and take control of the stage and just mesmerize the audience by your presentation. Learn more from HOW 30 MINUTES SPEECH CAN GIVE YOU RS. 3000-20000, EVEN IF YOU DO NOT HAVE MUCH EXPERIENCE.     

4- Internet entrepreneurship-

A completely new concept where you can earn by learning through a unique method. Indulge in becoming entrepreneurs of the internet, master of performing business online. Enhance the ability and zeal to start up organize and manage business along with associated risk to earn the profit. Difference between the two types of entrepreneurs is one who is a web entrepreneur and another one is core web-driven. We help you two focus on becoming both or any 1 of your choice. There are various advantages to internet-based entrepreneurship. Let me list it for you

  1. Lots of internet-based opportunities
  2. Value your dream and passion
  3. Enhance your working potential
  4. Flexible working hours
  5. Reduce the cost of doing business.

These are the few courses in which you can make your dream career and generate revenues without any degree or regularly going colleges.  

Nothing can kill your desire to take career risk and set foot in your passion area. Just motivate yourself and self-believe with hard work can do wonders. If you have that unique ability to work on cultivating and nurturing it so that you can take the right path.  

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This blog is not against motivating students to not go to college, don’t forget even Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates went to college. Excel infield where your uniqueness can help you earn out of the box and learn these tips from us in our next blog.


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