Advance Diploma Course in Event Management And Wedding Planning- 2 years

Learn Complete Event Management Units (9) (Event, Wedding, Social Events, Event Technical’s, Sound & Light, Sponsorship, Trade Events, Public Events, FNB & Production) At EduWings Udaipur

Course Modules:

1 – What is Event Planning?
2 – Types of Events Management
3 – Event Planning Process
4 – Event Concept and Theme Selection
5 – Event Budgeting
6 – Venue Management & Operations
7 – Human Resource Management
8 – Major Incident & Crisis Management
9 – Marketing in Event Management

  • Advance Event Management Subject (2) Legal & Finance
  • Hospitality Subjects (3) Guest Management, Logistics & PR
  • Soft Skills & English Spoken Training
  • Social Media Marketing (Basics)
  • Job Training
  • Advance Level Of Entrepreneurship
  • Technical Workshops like camera, sound, light Etc
  • 5 Months Internship
  • 40 Day’s+ Ground Practical Training
  • 30 + Workshops & MOCK Sessions

If you are planning to join Event Management & Wedding Planning Course in Udaipur, First you should understand 

Why Event Management & Wedding Planning Course?

Event Management & Wedding Planning Course in Udaipur Or Rajasthan can be the best option for those who love to Create Life Time Memories For Others.

Event Management is one of the most happening professions nowadays in India as India is known for its rich culture and spirit of celebrations of social life, festivals, and events.

Everywhere from personal life to professional life there are a lot of events. From wedding and birthday parties to corporate events like reward & recognition and boot camps. Also, Entertainment has a huge part in the Indian economy and its maximum share is based on events like sports events and Bollywood award functions, celebrity shows, music concerts, comedy shows, etc.

The event management industry is becoming vital in connecting economies, communities, international, national and local, businesses and their clients, one business and another, service providers and the users, connecting sectors like health, education, and welfare with other sectors.

According to various media reports, the Indian Event & Wedding Industry is known for its recession-proof industry. The market size in thousand crores and growing by 20-35% annually which is like the highest growth in the world as US & Global market is witnessing only 6-10% growth.

& Not just these media reports, from last 5 years while working for training of event management / wedding planning course in udaipur we have realized this fact and witnessd many big fat indian weddings as well

Some Interesting Figures ABOUT Event management & WEDDING PLANNING INDUSTRY?

If you understand these figures, we can assure that you won’t regret your decision for thinking about event management course as your career option!

The sky is the limit for Event Managers & Wedding Planners!

India is a country with a population of 135 Cr people and having the highest weddings in the world hence India is known for the biggest wedding market and known as the biggest indirect and temporary employment industry.

The trend of corporate events such as press conferences, product launch, R&R Events, AGM is continuously growing even in small cities.

Indian market is witnessing approx 10000+ weddings in a year which has a budget of 5Cr+ and as a wedding planner if you charge even 2-5% amount as agency fee is huge.

According to the India Retailer Survey, Some estimates for the wedding industry in India suggest that the value of the sector could be over Rs 100,000 crore, with growth rates topping 30%. The estimated cost of a no-expenses-spared wedding could be as high as Rs 5 crore.

Approx 1 Crore Couples are getting married every year in India and based on these statistics you can assume how big this industry is and if you decided to join event management institute in udaipur, EduWings can be the best choice !

Job Roles / Opportunity & Pay Packages in event management & wedding planning in india ?

Various Aspects Which Plays An Important Role To Decide The Final Decision

There is no higher educational qualification required for being an event manager. An innovative and creative person can with different following skill set can be a great event manager:-

  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Flexible
  • Leadership ability
  • Energetic
  • Organizational Skills
  • Enthusiastic
  • Time management

Event managers should have a flair for conducting events, a passion for doing it creatively, very good organizing skills as well as the willingness and ability to work long hours. Remuneration in this field varies according to the type of event managed.

The salary can be from Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 26,000 for a fresher and increases with the person’s experience and knowledge in event management in rajasthan. From here, salaries depend on the company one is working for. A freelancer’s income depends on the events he handles.

The head of an event management company can earn in lakhs, depending on the scale of the events handled and whether s/he has a stake in the company Employment of meeting and convention planners is expected to grow 20 percent over the 2012-22 decade, which is faster than the average for all occupations.

Why Udaipur is One Of The Best Option For Learning Event Management & Wedding Planning?

Short Message From Our Admission Officer who is handelling all the counselling part for event management course or wedding planning course in udaipur

Udaipur (rajasthan) is one of the most popular destinations for destination and royal weddings in India.The natural beauty, the city surrounded by various lakes, super awesome and luxury hotels and resorts and obviously the most royal hospitality of Mewar region made this city popular.

Due to the strong business background of Udaipur (rajasthan) also attracting many big corporates to do their product launch in Udaipur as well and this city is known for its rich culture and many big public events and concerts started taking place.

So joining event management or wedding planning course in Udaipur, rajasthan can be one of the best decision of life & as our students says – joining EduWings Udaipur will add an advantage as EduWings is best event management & wedding planning institute in Udaipur, Rajasthan

Placement / Internship / On Ground Training

event management , digital marketing course

Why EduWings is Known As Best Institute For Wedding Planning & Event Management Course In Udaipur, Rajasthan ?

From last 5+ Years we are working on a single mission which is Nurturing Individuals Into Professionals. We Have An Expert Team Of Trainers & Amazing Support For Practical Training, Internship, Jobs & Business Setups For Aspiring Event Managers & Wedding Planners From EduWings Udaipur.

Many Of Our Students Are Earning 5 Lakh+ Now After Completing Course Of Event Management & Wedding Planning From EduWings Udaipur.

Shreya Jain Sharing Her Experience

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