Event Management – Learn Today To Lead Tomorrow

Event Management – Learn Today To Lead Tomorrow

Before building a career, we should first be sure about the success percentage, growth, and learning opportunities. Basically, we are choosing a career option according to our choice and interest. A career in Event Management training would be a beneficial option for us as the success percentage is quite high and we can get different opportunities to develop our personal growth.

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The events industry is a wonderful, vibrant place to work, offering exciting career opportunities. The events industry has come a long way in the last few decades and is now about so much more than simply throwing a party. The events industry is not only very established; it’s growing consistently, fuelled by the ever-growing demand for live experiences from the younger generation. Working in events you develop a great mix of ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ skills. You’ll need to be great at dealing with people and potentially tricky situations as well as being creative and resourceful. Choosing a career in events doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be planning weddings and birthday parties; it’s a hugely diverse sector with all sorts of positions available.

You could be a financial controller, an audio/visual technician, or an event caterer. You could be in charge of logistics, security or building exhibition stands and stages. Marketing, sales, management, and customer service roles are always in high demand too. And you could be working on all sorts of events from festivals and gigs, to roadshows and experiential marketing, and from sales incentives and team building to conferences and exhibitions Step-by-Step.

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The very basic qualification to get into the realm of event management is to be a graduate in any discipline. However, you must possess certain traits that would help you go a long way in this industry. Essential skills include:

● Public Relations: to manage clients, their agents, and a vast gamut of professionals you would meet in the line of your profession

● Creativity: from the germ of the concept to manage an occasion to its final delivery

● Marketing skills: to sell your idea to your clients in order to make their events memorable

● Analytical ability: you must have the knack to solve all sorts of problems and even have the foresight to anticipate unforeseen issues

● Organizational skills: to carefully plan tasks for self and for the entire team

● Networking skills: this industry thrives on the shoulders of personal networking and you must have the ability to utilize it and expand it in your favor

● Management skills: ability to manage time, stress, subordinates, clients, budgeting, risks, situations, and so on.

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IT’S DIFFERENT- Most of us have seen our parents get into government jobs or join the “family business”. Event management offers you a very different career altogether. It is unique and quite sorts after these days.

THE THRILL- Believe us when we say this, very few jobs can provide you with the kind of thrill and adrenaline rush that event management promises (unless you train people into bungee jumping!). The planning, backup plans, resources, Oh! We could go on and on.

IT’S CREATIVE- Find us a field that offers more creativity than event management and we will write an article about you. Whether it is planning a wedding or a one-year-old birthday party, creativity is the key here, and it’s in tons.

TRAVELLING- There are hardly any jobs that offer you the scope for traveling as much as event management does. To learn sitting before a computer is one thing and to actually go out and travel is another. Nothing, we repeat, nothing can teach you what traveling can.

EXPOSURE TO VARIOUS CULTURES- Say you took up weddings as a specialty after the course; do you realize the magnitude and variety of culture our country hosts? You will have the opportunity to not only explore but also know most of these cultures and traditions.

IT MAKES YOU INDEPENDENT- Most people now do not prefer to work under somebody. Event management opens the doors to the world of business like never before. During your internship, if you manage to make the right contact or understand how events are handled in the right way, you can start your own business very soon.

THE GLAMOUR- Event management introduces you to the world of glamour very smoothly. Whether it be modeling or acting, one definitely stands a chance to bag a role after this course. Check the profiles of most of the television actors and ad models; they all started their careers in event management. More so, if you are really good at what you do, you stand a chance to get placed for management at the country’s best reality shows.

IT NEVER RUNS OUT OF BUSINESS- Remember what Anushka told Ranveer in Band Baja Baarat? That is absolutely true. While the world complains about unemployment, you will always feel safe. No matter what happens people will get married, children will celebrate their birthdays, corporate bodies will organize annual meetings and functions, reality shows will always air on television and people will go to live concerts. In short, you will always be employed.

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FREELANCING WITH A DIFFERENCE- Why do we say this? Even if you are a freelancer, the variety that event management can provide you in terms of training and management; is rarely found in other fields. Say you assist in a wedding and don’t enjoy it much, you could still try corporate events, parties, conferences, etc, and see what excites you and you can do all while making money with the project at hand. Isn’t it awesome?

NOBODY JUDGES YOU ON MARKS- Unless all other places where you need a particular score to get into medicine or a bank or a teacher, event management doesn’t follow such a cut-off per say. You could have scored a 50 percent, but if you are creatively inclined and can offer something new to the world of events then you are in.

THE PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE- In India, we always complain about how we are always taught from textbooks and it’s always an “oh so boring” theory. Bang! Event management is exactly the opposite. They believe that the best way to learn anything is to practice it and that’s why you will always find yourself on the field than in the classroom. Even when you are in the classroom, the concept is not taught from a book, trainers rather share their experiences with practical activities in the class to explain things in a better way.

YOU CAN EXPAND YOUR HORIZONS- Working in events offers the possibility to travel far and wide. Find the right position and you can discover amazing places all over the world that you would never have the opportunity to do so otherwise.

IT’S REWARDING WORK- Working on events offers the opportunity to regularly see your hard work come to fruition. There can be nothing more rewarding than seeing the event you’ve planned on paper for months, come to life, run successfully, and meet its objectives. Do a great job and you’ll know about it, with client and attendee feedback providing the ultimate pat on the back, and the motivation you need to get started on another project.

EVERY DAY IS DIFFERENT- If your parents think you get bored easily and that you don’t have the staying power, tell them this is the ideal job for you! In events, you can experience a huge variety in your work, deal with different clients, different types of events, and different venues all the time. The variety should mean it won’t get stale, and you will continue to be motivated and fulfilled by your career for the long haul.

JOB PROSPECT- There are plenty of jobs in this industry. In spite of the current global economic slowdown, the event management industry has continued to grow in leaps and bounds. There are plenty of events: weddings, birthday parties, talent hunts, reality shows, fashion, and cultural shows, academic and sports meetings, religious functions, corporate events, conferences, and so on. Talented youngsters who want to leave their mark in this industry have numerous avenues. You can join an event management company or a media house that specializes in event management activities. Once you have garnered ample experience you can either start working in the capacity of a freelancer or event set up your own events business.

How To Become An Event Planner

Some designations or job positions available for event management professionals are Event Legal Executive, Event (Budgeting & Finance) Executive, Public Relations Officer, Event Production Head, Event Coordinator, etc.

CONCLUSION- With all its variety and exciting opportunities, choosing a career in events is a decision you’re unlikely to regret. Explain the benefits, and your parents are bound to support you all the way – and if they still need to be convinced, don’t forget to mention all the free tickets you’ll be able to get them!

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