Top 5 Free On Page SEO Checking tools

Free on-page SEO checking tools


This post is completely dedicated to free On-page SEO checking tools. For each tool, I’ve offered a brief overview of its functionality, and I’ve also included helpful screenshots along with the post. After you complete this post, your SEO analysis toolbox should be overflowing with goodness!

So below is the list of the top 5 free ON-Page SEO checking tools:


Woorank seo tool

WooRank is a free on-page SEO checking tool that gives a “moment site survey.” Without an exceptional record, you are just permitted to create a set number of free reports, yet you can see beforehand produced reports. Likewise, the tool at present offers a 7-day boundless free trial, which gives you access to boundless audits. In case you’re occupied with acquiring an arrangement, the least expensive one is $49/month.

  • SEO: This area checks if the webpage is following different on-page and off-page SEO best practices (e.g., proper title and depiction, catchphrase consistency, backlink tally, www/non-www canonicalization, XML Sitemap utilization, and so forth.).
  • Mobile: The mobile version of your site is displayed, and the site’s performance to Mobile Devices
  • Usability: This decides whether your site is easy to understand by assessing different usability best practices (e.g., the presence of a custom 404 page, over the overlapping content, structure markup, and so on.).
  • Technologies: This segment explores random parts of the site (e.g., W3C guidelines consistency, speed enhancements, and so on.).
  • Social: This evaluates your site’s reputation on social networks, and it repeats different social information discovered somewhere else (e.g., profile data on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and so forth.).
  • Local: This segment exhibits your website’s postings in local directories (e.g., Yelp, Foursquare, and so on.) and online reviews related to those postings.
  • Visitors: This measures the site’s status in view of various traffic estimates.

SEO Site Checkup:


SEO Site Checkup is a free on-page SEO checking tool that checks your website (and a discretionary contender) utilizing 45 singular checks in 6 unique classifications. In light of the consequences of those checks, the On-Page SEO Checking Tool creates a list, which incorporates a numerical score for the site and a count of the failed checks.  It is the best On-Page SEO Checking Tool.

  • Common SEO Issues: This segment incorporates a wide assortment of SEO checks (e.g., keyword use in important markup regions, a suitable code to content ratio, the presence of a robots.txt record, and an XML Sitemap, HTML standards consistency, SEO-friendly URLs, and so forth.).
  • Speed Optimizations: This spreads different load execution-related checks (e.g., page measure, pressure, storing, minification, server speed, and so forth.).
  • Server and Security: This segment distinguishes a couple of critical facilitating and security attributes of the site (e.g., appropriate canonicalization, appearance on suspicious boycotts, giving pointless access or showing possibly touchy data, and so forth.).
  • Mobile Usability: This checks if your site is portable and well disposed of by giving a depiction of what it would appear like on cell phones and searching for media inquiries.
  • Social Media: This area measures the website’s social engagement by offering tallies to different well-known online networking destinations.
  • Semantic Web: This tries to decide whether the webpage is utilizing organized information (e.g., microdata).



Seoptimer is a free on-page SEO checking tool that explores a given URL’s on-page SEO ranking factors. After you examine a URL, the tool shows a list of the most critical activity things. At that point, it shows its analysis results.

  • HTML Header: This shows the most vital HTML <head> components (e.g., title, meta depiction, and so forth.).
  • Body Content: This segment lists important HTML <body> components (e.g., headings, pictures, and so forth.).
  • Internal and External Links: This exhibits the page’s inside and outside outlinks.
  • Additional Files: This segment recognizes the site’s robots.txt document and XML Sitemap.
  • Social Media Signals: This shows the number of offers for the URL on Facebook and Google+.
  • HTTP Headers: This segment demonstrates the HTTP reaction for the URL.
  • Domain and Server: This presents data about the page’s Web server (e.g., IP address, name servers, and so forth.).

SEO Analyzer:


SEO Analyzer is a free on-page SEO checking tool. It may be one of the simplest and the quickest On-Page SEO Checking Tool that I have utilized up until now. Search engine optimization Analyzer directs a full site investigation in only a couple of moments and gives a free downloadable report.

  • Specialized SEO factors like the nearness of keyword in the heading, title or picture.
  • Existence of dynamic URL or Iframes.
  • The general effect of social media shares.
  • Check the whole number of backlinks.
  • Check the whole number of listed pages.
  • Top keywords and their reappearance (frequency).
  • Page-level SEO suggestions and so on



Lipperhey is not as well known as other free on-page SEO checking tools, yet regardless it introduces a considerable measure of important data. Like previous On-Page SEO Checking Tools, Lipperhey creates an SEO examination report in view of the URL you give.

  • Visitors: This estimates the number of users your site gets and measures the site’s social engagement.
  • Indexability: This segment outlines the site’s indexability for web indexes (e.g., does the webpage utilize a robots.txt document and an XML Sitemap, does the website maintain a strategic distance from Flash and edges, and so forth.).
  • Hosting: This feature adds data about your website’ hosting structure (e.g., server area, hosting IP address, www/non-www canonicalization, download speed, redirecting areas, and so on.).
  • Design: This area sees how the site shows up on mobile phones, and recognizes a couple of other design-related elements (e.g., inline style components, pictures, and so forth.).
  • On-Page SEO: This defines how well your site has optimized different HTML components (e.g., title, URL, meta tag, headings, and so forth.).

These are the best free on-page SEO checking tools.

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