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Advance MS Excel

Want To Learn Advance MS excel? 


Today many people assume that this software could be used to produce money in some way, the question that practically everyone faces is How? What can we do with Advance MS Excel to make money? No worries, since we at Eduwings Udaipur are here to help you out by explaining how to use Advance MS Excel for Data Analyzing and how can you increase your earning potential.


One of the most popular and widely utilized data analysis platform in recent years, has also grown into a database behemoth. Companies use the platform to organize data and perform financial analysis. Many businesses have benefited from using the platform for creating and maintaining database content. 

What are the benefits of attending this workshop?

  • This is No-Cost” workshop; you can register and attend it for Free.

  • This session is for anyone interested in earning money through Instagram in a new way.

  • There are no terms and conditions for this workshop.

  • Participation Certificate will be awarded to all the attendees.

  • Our instructors are experts in the field and are committed to teaching the proper techniques. 

Topic that will be covered during the 2-Day Workshop

  • Understanding Data Sorting/Data Filters/Advanced Filters
  • How to use Conditional Formatting
  • Knowing commonly used Functions & Formulas
  • Learning to create Graphical Representation of Data
  • How to do Sheet Presentation
  • Knowing Corporate Data Management

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