From The Counselor’s Desk

From The Counselor’s Desk

Today’s youngsters are more mature than ever before in their choices be it in their career or in taking decisions. They are exposed to more information and data relating to a wide range choice of careers. They can compare facts and figure to arrive at a satisfying conclusion to decide on their career stream.

Today’s generation is smart enough to figure out their wrong and right but giving them little direction or counseling can do wonders in their life. And they should also understand the importance of the right counseling, as this will help them to choose their career in the right direction.


Earlier professional careers and conventional courses were given more priority over unconventional or evolving careers. Nowadays generalization is not the applicable rule of success e.g. a successful engineer cannot guarantee safe success for others to follow, but now success depends on personal attributes than mere college degrees. Which now are becoming minimum. A high level of benchmark or aptitude is required for pursuing a career. Success depends on explicitly making your own path on your solid footings.

Students of different age groups come for counseling asking us about the success framework applicable in today’s date and age.
As a counselor at Eduwings, we emphasize finding that unique value proposition in students which sets an individual apart from the rest of the lot.

As the world is becoming one community no information is far from our reach but analysis of that information matters the most.

With the dawn of the new decade, many traditional careers will be on dangerous lines of extinction as disruption theories suggest. Be it careers of optometry and the legal field where AI will take up human jobs.

One more function like marketing has been affected by modern technology. New rules of marketing will take over obsolete ways of marketing in the internet age.

Now Niche or Concentrated Marketing is given more priority to attract customers meant for our services. Digital marketing is the modern skill to be learned and applied as consumers are on the digital platform as internet users are 4.5 billion out of a total of 9 billion world population and 2.5 billion YouTube subscribers. The medium of communication from physical to virtual platforms market is to grab on internet platforms.

The online platform is given fame to a career for YouTubers, INTERNET ENTREPRENEUR, DIGITAL MARKETING, VLOGGERS, ANCHORING, EVENT MANAGEMENT, etc. 

EduWings has become a leader in providing exposure to students of Udaipur in modern skills and in different career choices.

A timely and correct decision can be arrived by the students after visiting EduWings Udaipur.
EduWings invite students for registering for our free workshops held on every Saturday and get a chance to gain knowledge in different types of careers.

A dedicated team of Resource persons and Trainers will take workshops and disseminate crucial information regarding a particular career to be offered to students of Udaipur for them to choose a career wisely and without apprehensions. Students can register to know their hidden talent and that unique value proposition in them.

Meet you at the workshop. Happy Reading and Knowing about EduWings UDAIPUR.

If You are looking for The Best Counselor in the Town, then feel free to reach us at + 91 9783207700 or you can also visit us at

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