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How EduWings is aiming to change the Student Life

How EduWings is aiming to change the Student Life

EduWings is an epitome of excellence, commitment, and dedication towards changing lives of students be it in the form of direct training them or through our vast body of knowledge delivered to students through online platforms (blogs).

EduWings Udaipur, a five-year-old entity that came into existence with the sole vision of transforming students into professionals through skill-based training in the domain of Event Management, Anchoring, Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Personality Development (Spoken English).

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With a thorough understanding of where the industry is heading in the New decade, i.e 2020-2030 EduWings has focused on delivering market-driven programs where the application of skills matters more than theoretical knowledge.

To state further on qualities required to make a successful career in today’s fast-changing corporate world is creativity, originality and enterprising or risk-taking nature.

EduWings through its team of expert has devised curriculum to bridge the industry-academia gap or employability gap and to realize the utmost potential of students to make the way forward in their chosen career.

It is a no brainer that quality comes at a price but with EduWings being a socially responsible firm, we have kept our fees at the affordable limit to give maximum benefit to students, who dream big and have the zest to attain goals beyond his reach.

Students nowadays know much better than yesteryear generations that playing safe in career choices today will cost them in the long run that is why choices of unconventional careers like Anchoring, Digital marketing, Event management, Youtuber is rewarding and satisfying.

Today’s generation is aware of what is good and bad for them. But they are confused regarding their career like which will be the best for them to continue or it even worth it or just by following the passion will it help him/her to achieve success or their future will be bright or not. So to overcome this fear of choosing your career in the right direction EduWings is here with its team of experts to solve your problems and to help you achieve great success in the future.  

But there are few institutes which are offer training in a career like Anchoring, Digital Marketing, Event Management that’s where EduWings fills the demand and supply gap.

Honestly, EduWings being a torchbearer in training students for a new and unconventional career is a blessing for students of Udaipur. where latent talents of students of Udaipur meet opportunity and great success stories are created and benchmarks are raised for new entrants.

Alumni’s of EduWings institute earns up to a monthly package ranging from 30k to 100k apart from monetary benefits recognition matters also.

EduWings always focused on deliverables to explain in simple terms is that students can learn new technologies, market environment and choose his or her skill set to match demands of industry and here Eduwings is a clear leader with the adoption of new teaching methods be it hands-on training on the skill required.

EduWings brainchild of Varun Surana sir an entrepreneur, business coach carry on himself huge expectation to deliver on promises made to students of Udaipur to make them successful in their career by investing his time and energy to come up with contemporary training programs to serve students and corporates.

With this aim in mind, EduWings is at the forefront of accepting change and delivering on market demand.
Students are tomorrow’s growth creators and with this EduWings is committed to coming up with new training programs at Udaipur.

To participate in the growth journey of tomorrow become part of EduWings alumni and make a name for yourselves and give yourself a chance to be a role model for others to follow.

EduWings Udaipur keeps aspirations of students as a constant motivator for bettering its operations and cometh no 1 training institute of Udaipur. Awards won by EduWings are testimony to that (visit website for details).

EduWings is adept in understanding student’s requirement and have a customized training program to provide certification courses in Event Management, Digital Marketing, and Anchoring. 

If you are also looking for the Institute For Digital Marketing, Event Management, Anchoring, and Wedding Planning Courses in Udaipur, then Feel free to reach out us at +917073099988 or +917727081010 or you can also visit us at https://eduwingsudaipur.com/ 

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