How to improve your English Vocabulary

How to improve your English Vocabulary

how to improve english

Vocabulary speaks volumes about a person’s ability to converse with others in English. Learning new words can be a morale booster for beginners who want to improve their command of the English language. Vocabulary can be improved by efforts taken to learn and use a new word in day-to-day conversation. An updated vocabulary presents an individual in good stead in his or her peer group.

Today we will discuss ways to improve English vocabulary with tested methods
  • ‌Develop Reading Habit

Developing a Reading habit is a sure shot way to come across new and unknown words to improve vocabulary in the long run. Reading stimulates our urge to expand our vocabulary and learn new vocabulary.

  • ‌Use Dictionary 

Refer to a dictionary at times even when we are not forced to know the meaning of words. Getting to read a dictionary or lexicon to learn new words is a fruitful exercise 

  • Understand Etymology Or Science Of Words

Etymology or Science of Words does play an important part in enhancing your knowledge of word formation and science behind the word.

  • ‌ Knowing Roots Of Word 

Roots or origin of words for the English language is derived from Latin and Greek, so to understand practically we will take one example:

SYMpathy, EMpathy, Apathy, ANTIpathy

all words have “pathy” in common which means “feeling” in GREEK 

SYMpathy ( same feeling)

EMpathy ( like feeling)

Apathy (Absence of feeling)

ANTIpathy ( opposite feeling)

  • ‌Download English Apps

In this era of internet technology, you can download English Apps like Cake, Fluentu, Utter, etc to upgrade your vocabulary skills.

  • Do Read Newspaper And Magazines

Newspapers and Magazines (READER’S DIGEST) puts new words in front of us regularly. Reading about current affairS and thought-provoking content enables us to improve our vocabulary.

  • ‌Develop Word Book/Notes

Every day we come across words that are new to us, so jot down each word with their meaning and synonyms to update your WordBook or Notes.

  • ‌Join The English-Speaking Group

Be a part of the English-speaking group or community to enhance your vocabulary skills. Interaction with peers and colleagues does play a part to upgrade vocabulary.

  • ‌Do Word Puzzles Or Crosswords

Playing Crosswords or word puzzles online or offline is a novel idea to improve vocabulary and an opportunity to know synonyms.

  • ‌Play word games like Scrabble

With an eye on improving vocabulary, you should not miss an opportunity to play games like scrabble to learn new words while playing with your friends and family in a fun manner.

So we hope you will find the above ways to enhance VOCABULARY of the English language and give you “Gift of Gab” to converse fluently and efficiently with ease and comfort. Happily improve your English vocabulary.

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