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Zakir khan

Today’s most loved Indian comedian who climbed the chart by his innate charm, relatable jokes, and simple looks… yes, one and only Zakir Khan.

You heard right!! His trademark humor and out of the box videos leave a lasting impression on the mind of every listener and viewer. A college drop-out and a sitarist, a well known and loved the face of India with lots of up and down in his life and hard struggle has polished him and turned him into a shining diamond. Besides award-winning stand-up comedy shows, he has also done ghostwriting and performed radio shows.

stand up comedian

How the famous punch line of Zakir Khan “sakht launda” turned into reality?

Read about his achievements and struggle a legendary journey from being a radio intern to sakht launda started.  

The struggle and immense self-control motivated him daily to achieve his dreams. In an event called spoken he shared his story of the struggle to stardom. How his beliefs and unconditional love of his parents helped him to achieve desired heights. His trademark humor, Mumbai winters, and his lines

“wo teen mahine ki gulami wali internship, sabse pehle bulatey they sabse last me bhejte they.”

berozgari, his struggle of traveling in third class and the pain of being an intern. All this taught him to have positive affirmation in his beliefs and motivated himself to reach heights.

Sometimes it is important to go through pain to enjoy the endured fruits it bears in last. The struggle of Zakir Khan made him strong and to stand out of crowd. From being asked to get off the stage in 90 seconds to most loved and heard stand up comedian makes us realize how we feel life is moving when we see our dream seems too difficult to achieve. But if God bestowed us with the talent he also gives us enough courage to pursue our dreams as well.

For Zakir Khan, comedy is a slow, intricating, serious and endless process but if u are thinking to start out with the idea that comedy will help you pay bills, you’re probably not going to make it. As it takes years of practice your love for craft and that deep sense of humor and sensibility to understand facts. As per our favorite writer and comedian

“kissi cheez ka mazak udaana koi mazaak nahi hai”

if you have decided to quit and in favor of stand up… you should do it out of passion and not frustration.

How our Zakir khan made out of social media?

Now again this is a very skeptical question to answer. As we all know Mr. Zakir Khan is no doubt superbly talented, his poems, write-ups, YouTube videos all are motivating and relate to our day to day challenges. But now for all, you motivated guys question is how to earn through social media like khan. Though Mr. Zakir khan is impeccable and inimitable and if you are talented or god gifted and want to earn like him then understand the right use of social media. How to use it in a proper way so that you can gain popularity and earn well.

YouTubing like a PRO is not that easy which it looks like. It needs content quality and out of the box ideas which you present in order to increase viewers and subscribers. Like Mr. Zakir  Khan, his content and way of presentation are just amazing. It leaves his viewers speechless and spellbound. To learn those tactics and want to turn passion into profession we will bring you tips and tricks of YouTubing in our next blog.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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aur degree se zyada apni khwahisho se pyaar tha”

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