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Mass Communication Course In Udaipur

A Mass Communication Course For Digital Media Enthusiast.

Course Duration
6 Months
Hindi + English
Job & Internship
Theory, Practical
Major Modules
Digital Marketing
News / Information Portal Management
Video Marketing & Viral Marketing
Content Creation
Content Curation
Content Distribution

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India’s First Integrated Course : Mass Communication Course in Udaipur

All Mainstream Media Platforms Are Shifting / Developing Their Digital Division & There Are Some Big Names In Media, Information, Education Or Entertainment Category Who Started Their Journey Through Digital Platforms Only & This Will Bring A lot Of Opportunities For Your Who Have Understanding of Mass Communication, Digital Media & Digital Marketing

Attention Aspirants! Here is your time to explore the wide field of Mass Communication. You all want to be heard, right? All you need is a platform and how to be on one. EduWings is coming up with a one-of-its-kind course; Mass Communication in Digital Media. A course that will open doors to expose and showcase your ideas, thoughts, feelings, and point of view through words on various digital platforms.

Major Skills, You’ll Learn

  • Social Media, Designing,
  • Portal Management
  • Web Management, RSS Feed Management, Web Stories
  • YouTube (In Detailed Manner)
  • Camera, Sound & Lights Technicalities For Content Production & Post Production
  • Monetizing The Content
  • Copy Writing

Job / Income Opportunities

  • News Host
  • Podcast Host Content Curator With Big Size & Popular Digital Platforms / Channels
  • Digital Division Of News Papers
  • News Channels, Freelance Content Creation
  • Article Writing
  • Sound engineer
  • In Metros Packages Starts From 3.60 Lakh - 5.50 Lakh
  • In Tier 3 Cities Packages Starts From 1.80 - 3.60 Lakh

Registration and admission process at EduWings for Mass Communication course in Udaipur is based on the 1:1 interview method. You will be provided with the dates and timings for the interview process.


  • Strong & Sound Understanding Of Hindi & English & Basic Knowledge of Minimum 1 Regional Language
  • 12th / Graduation With Minimum 50% 
  • Age 18+

Admission Process

Registration and admission process at EduWings for Mass Communication in Digital Media course in Rajasthan India is based on the 1:1 interview method. You will be provided with the dates and timings for the interview process.


  • Strong & Sound Understanding Of Hindi & English & Basic Knowledge of Minimum 1 Regional Language
  • 12th / Graduation With Minimum 50% 
  • Age 18+

Modules at Mass Communication in Digital Media Institute in Udaipur

All Modules of Digital Marketing Course +

Fundamental of Mass Communication

  • Communication Fundaments 
  • Mass Media Approach 
  • Broadcasting Protocols 

Deep Dive Into Content Creation

  • Copy Writing 
  • Click Baits
  • Sensational Content Creation
  • Eye-Catching Headlines Management
  • Text Content Creation For SEO 
  • Content Curation 

News / Information Portal Management

  • Web Management
  • Canonical Tag-Based Content 
  • Twisting The Content 
  • RSS Feed Management
  • Google AdSense

Content Distribution

  • Broadcasting
  • YouTube Search & Suggestion Algorithms
  • Web Stories
  • Paid Marketing
  • Collaboration
  • Viral Marketing
Know More About Mass Communication in Digital Media

Let’s First Understand What is Mass Communication?

Mass communication (or communications) is the process of developing, sending, receiving, and evaluating messages for large groups of people using vocal and written media. It is a broad field that takes into account not only how and why communication is developed, but also the channel by which it is delivered. Print, electronic media and the internet, social media, radio, and television are examples of these mediums. Mass communication course in Udaipur is multidisciplinary, including components from areas such as effective communication, medical communication, political communication, advertising strategy, journalism, and others.

Why Certificate Course in Mass Communication in Digital Media

This is the program for you if you are a student looking for the best mass communication course in Udaipur. The media affairs and media sectors are constantly evolving. You must improve your current multimedia communication skills and expertise to stay competitive.

This course investigates the evolving nature of the communications environment in the twenty-first century while also enhancing your professional abilities and expertise. This programme allows graduates to build cutting-edge skills and specialisations for the worldwide digital communications business. Working with an academic team that comprises experienced journalists, digital content producers, and public relations experts, you are encouraged to hone your skill in the newest storytelling strategies in order to make a successful career in digital media.

Role of Digital Media

Certificate or Degree Programmes in media and mass communication dig into both fundamental and advanced ideas and concepts pertaining to the large-scale transmission of information and communications.

Students pursuing a certificate course in mass communication may expect to study and participate in communication research methodologies, mass media ethics and best practises, and historical and contemporary evaluations of mass media effects. They will also gain hands-on experience with the message production process in various channels (e.g., online, print, video, and social media), as well as learn how to deploy those messages to specific target audiences.

Digital Media and Journalism

For a great many years, the media environment maintained a fairly distinct divide between news providers and their audiences. Journalists were in charge of not only how the news appeared, but also how it was conveyed, whether in print forms given to readers or by broadcast signals received on TVs and radios.

In the digital age, mass communication course in Udaipur teaches journalists to report the truth and make bold statements enlightening justice. Today, journalists continue to make news, and consumers continue to consume it, but the channels between them are not as clear. To name a few modifications: News that was previously created for discrete media channels now merges together on the online platform; social media platforms have become spots where news can be communicated and commented on without the regulation of journalists, and non-journalists can conveniently speak for themselves on the digital communication.

Importance of Digital Media in Mass Communication

A medium for mass communication is any media that may assist us to transmit the desired message to a large number of the target audience. We all want to be heard and, more importantly, we want to be informed about what is going on around us. Other than word of mouth, the only mass media modes of communication back then were newspapers, banners, radio, and TV.

But, with the advent of the digital era, that has altered… With applications like Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Instagram, anyone may now reach out to a large number of people. These digital mediums are among the few categories of digital media. Enroll in a mass communication course at the Best mass communication in digital media Institute in Udaipur, Rajasthan

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With this course, you have a wide range of job opportunities. As we all know how reliant society has become on media on a global scale, there are a wide variety of careers you may pursue in this area. There are no prerequisites or requirements for this program’s enrollment (it is not limited to any particular stream, people from all fields can go for it). Studying mass communication can help you gain valuable personal insights into the world that can help you widen your perspectives and understanding of it. EduWings provides the best Mass communication course in Udaipur Rajasthan.

This course can help you enhance your communication skills that will eventually help you earn more. There are several media houses, and news channels with whom you can work after successfully completing the course. Depending on your talents, expertise, and experience, the beginning wage in the media sector might range from INR 2 to 6 Lakhs each year. Your chances of receiving a higher monthly wage are greater if you have previously been associated with a strong and successful project. While you might anticipate making an annual salary of 50,000 USD after passing the course if you work abroad.

Mass Communication in Journalism & Mass Communication in Digital Media are closely similar but distinct concepts frequently cause confusion in students. While journalism is just one of several sectors that mass communication in India covers. Others include news, public relations, advertising, television, the internet, and cinema. It entails writing on current events and news. Journalism has a more traditional approach, emphasizing facts and information, whereas digital media offers a wide range of options like giving a voice to your opinions, listening to people who are ignored, giving a platform to showcase your views, and a lot more.

The eligibility criteria for a Mass communication course in India is the applicant must have successfully completed Senior Secondary/10+2 from an accredited university. At the 10+2 level, the applicant must have a minimum overall percentage of 50%. This is the minimum qualification required for the mass communication course. However ,post graduates degrees and diploma courses requires you to gain atleast 50 percent marks.  If you are interested in pursuing the course from Udaipur, then choose EduWings because it is the best Mass Communication institute in India.

Reasons to  pursue mass communication are:

  • Practical Exposure and Adventure: It allows the learner the flexibility to exercise all of their creative fantasies.
  • Multiple career options: Wide-ranging knowledge and a variety of talents might help you succeed in this sector for a very long time.
  • Art and Creativity: Mass communication courses aids in the development of students’ problem-solving, conflict-resolution, working in a team, and public speaking abilities.
  • Combination of Learning and fun together: They constantly spark interesting arguments and discussions in class so that a student may grow as a person.
  • Good Social Life:- Media creates great influence on the society.
  • Interaction with Well-Known Individuals: Students who enrol in the media and mass communication course get the opportunity to interact with prominent individuals.
  • Well suited Income: It gives an opportunity to high paid jobs.
  • Power of Journalism: A journalist’s ideas and writing style have the power to sway a sizable audience.

EduWings is the best mass communication in digital media institute in Udaipur as it helps you become industry-ready with the latest tools by working on real-world projects. It also provides career opportunities to who are quick and competent in their work. EduWings provides real life opportunities to students to outgrow themselves. It is a course that provides various possibilities to special kinds of media-related opportunities. 

Eduwings Mass communication course in digital media will develop your professional skills and knowledge while helping your explore how the communications landscape is changing in the twenty-first century. Graduates from this programme can develop cutting-edge specialisations and skills for the global digital communications industry. You are encouraged to refine your talent in the newest storytelling techniques in order to have a successful career in digital media by working with an academic team that consists of seasoned journalists, digital content producers, and public relations specialists. At Eduwings we are dedicated to providing you with multiple career options in various emerging platforms .

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