Next Big Career Opportunity: Mass Communication In Digital Media!

A few days back, Varun Surana (Founder Of EduWings) announced to start  India’s first-ever Mass Communication Course In Digital Media. 

According to him, mass communication/journalism is different from this course as we are not going to teach journalism in this course but if you’ll notice you’ll find that major media platforms are now shifting towards digital media or having their app, website & a complete dedicated team for digital division and at the same time there are so many media companies who started from online platforms only. 

Other than this, Vlogging, YouTubing, and Information Portals / Blogs are the new, cool and challenging work that are attracting a large number of youngsters in India. 

So if you are planning to launch some sort of information portal, news portal, or planning to become a blogger/vlogger or have a dream to work with such people, media companies, or brands, this course will help you a lot.

mass communication course in digital media

Purpose Of Mass Communication in digital media Course

  • Training in digital marketing along with an in-depth understanding of text, audio & video content creation, curation & distribution
  •  Hands-on practice on content marketing, creation & tools for text content, sound/audio, lights, camera, etc.
  • Viral marketing, marketing trends, moment marketing
  • Algorithms of the various online media platforms for mass communication & outreach
  • career scope/opportunities after learning mass communication in digital media?
  • Chance to work in renowned digital media startups
  • Chance to work in the digital department of an established media network
  • Chance to work with big Social Influencers, Content Creators, and YouTubers.
  • Chance to start your own media/mass communication journey 

Who is Fit for This Course?

  • Mass communication students 
  • Mass communication aspirants
  • Aspirants of digital media who want to move/grow fast
  • A camera / mic-friendly attitude will add an extra advantage 
  • Journalists / Poets / Content Creators

Remember, the future of news media in the big tech world & if you opt for this as your career option, you can yourself on the list of early movers in the hybrid era of communication & digitalization. Where news, education, fun, emotion, movies, courses, DIY, cooking, fashion everything is happening around Social Media, YouTube, apps, or OTT platforms.  

next big career opportunity: mass communication in digital media

The introduction of the government’s Digital India initiative hand in hand with the increasing internet penetration over the recent years, resulted in the country’s digital population amounting to approximately 658 million active users as of February 2022. The traffic in the world’s second-largest internet market at this stage was largely dominated by mobile internet users & this data is not going to decrease, in fact after the official permission announcement of 5G by the government of India will change the entire use case of consumption of the content. 

So what you are waiting for?

If you are from Udaipur / nearby Udaipur, you guys are lucky to explore such a training program in your city & if you are not from Udaipur, come to Udaipur, and enjoy the beautiful city while learning this 6 months course of mass communication course in digital media at EduWings.

For a few early birds, we have scholarship options as well!

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