Mistakes That You Must Avoid In A Group Discussion Round

Mistakes That You Must Avoid In A Group Discussion Round

Mistakes to avoid in Group Discussion

Whether you are Any Management Aspirant or MBA Aspirant or whether you are looking for a Job, Group Discussion Rounds play vital and crucial roles. 

Also, in many areas and sectors Group, Discussion rounds are mandatory and compulsory! 

Moreover, due to being over-pressurized and anxious, people make such mistakes that lead to rejection at the last stages which can create problematic situations! 

This is something which needs attention and one must remember a few tips in his/her mind! 

We have a list of mistakes that you must avoid in the G.D to rule the session and mark yourself ahead in front of the peers and examiner too. 

Let’s have a look at the same: 

1. Too Much Of Talking/ Excessive Talking/ Endless Talking

Of course, a G.D Round is meant for expressing oneself and highlighting himself/herself but that doesn’t mean that you keep on talking endlessly and brag yourself for no reason! 

This usually leaves a negative impression on the judges. Indeed sometimes, this is marked as an act of over smartness! So this mistake should be kept in to be avoided. 

2. Pin Drop Silence / Not Speaking Anything

In counter to the above mentioned first point, one should also not just keep himself/herself ideal with a pin drop silence! You may find yourself inferior or think that you are a bit nervous but just don’t worry because it is quite normal and happens with everyone! 

So, you need to stop thinking yourself as weak or inferior and speak up to your point. Your nervousness should not make your stop from putting your points in front of people! 

3. Emotional Outbursts in front of peers

Make sure that you don’t have an Emotional Outburst in front of your competitors Under any circumstances. There can be situations where you may feel that you Being suppressed or even opposed by people, but that’s okay and normal! Indeed You should find different and professional ways of responding to such situations. 

Make sure that you never shout, argue, or show gestures of overpowering others! Interrupting others in the middle is also considered as a negative point. 

Speak only when required and that too in such a way that it leaves a sparkling impression on everyone. 

4. Improper Body Language

It is advisable to have a proper body language and gestures in a G.D round. Being over stiff and overconfident is reflected in ones’ body language. 

Make sure that you are neither too formal nor too informal or casual! Make sure that while introducing yourself you are bragging yourself, try to be as honest as possible else you will and yourself in trouble for no reason! This may also make you regret it later. 

5. Lack of General Knowledge and Current Affairs

Going Unprepared and taking things lightly can make your regret later. Make sure that you are at least aware of what’s happening around you, what’s trending, growth-related topics, latest news, and so on. 

6. Talking Lead without having Knowledge about the topic

It is well said that you should not keep quiet in a Group Discussion Round but that does not mean that you can lead on without knowing to justify your statements. 

This can rip you off in just one go and would be a great opportunity for others to knock you down. 

7. Drifting and Diverging Away from the Topic

It usually happens when you take the lead but are unable to due to better knowledge of people. So, in this condition, one usually thinks of diverging the minds of the people from the main topic to others. 

This is considered as a negative aspect since it indicates that either you are wrong somewhere or you don’t have sufficient knowledge to justify your inputs. 

8. Avoiding Eye Contact with others

Although this is a part of the body language etiquette since it is an important one to make sure that you should have the eye to eye contact with others while speaking. 

This will make the people listen to you and shows that you are quite confident about what you are speaking. This might even stop people from interrupting you in between. 

9. Inaudible Voice and Tone with murmuring

We all know that the voice and tone differ from person to person. But one should make sure that he/she should be audible while speaking. It should be loud enough so that people can understand what you are saying in one go. Murmuring, on the other hand, indicated a lack of confidence! 

10. Not Contributing throughout the session

It has been observed that there are many people who either contribute and pay more fics during the start or end of the session. 

But one should make sure that he/she contributes during the whole session and try to maintain the same energy levels throughout. This will help you to mark a positive impression. 

All the above-mentioned points can work like a miracle for you in Group Discussion Rounds where you have a short and limited amount of time. 

We hope you found these tips valuable and worthy against your time spent here for reading! 

Feel free to reach us out for any further assistance or help. We would love to help you sail smoothly throughout your journey!

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