Must buy list for YouTubers

Must buy list for YouTubers


Well, this is 2020 where everyone is talking about digital things and the dream of becoming a YouTuber is no more a dream now! From Food Recipes to Fashion, Science Experiments to Funny Memes, Technical Reviews to Stand Up Comedy, nothing seems left which is not available on Youtube! 

Most of the people are now very well aware of earning methods from youtube and consequently, YouTubers have started taking their passion to more professional levels. Apart from Interesting content, it does matter that your youtube channel must appear professional too! 

People are now used to high definitions of video quality and they won’t simply opt for your channel If the videos are not up to the mark in terms of resolution, quality, and so on. 

So, this fact brings in the need for checking out the Must Buy List for YouTubers, Let’s check this out:

1. Start with a Phone or Webcam but ultimately opt for the Right Camera

Well, the basic requirement for a youtube channel is all about just a Google Account, a camera which might be a very old handheld or your laptop’s webcam and your passion or talent off course. Initially, If your content is very interesting, lucrative, and unique, then surely it might work and things would be easier for you. 

But as soon as your progress, you will realize the fact that a professional camera is no more an option or choice but a necessity. 

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Some professional DSLR cameras like Nikon D3400, D3200 OR Nikon AF-S DX are best suited for the same.

2. Tripod

Well, a tripod is used to get stable and clear shoots. One can’t simply have that patience to get that clear shot without a tripod. Many YouTubers rely on Do It Yourself ( DIY ) Tripods. 

However, once you reach a professional level, then for sure you would need to have a standard tripod. It usually costs around Rs1000 which is quite reasonable considering its use and for sure it saves a lot for your time and keeps you hassle-free. 

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There are many good brands for the same as Octopus, Dolica, Digitek, Bosch, Vanguard, etc.

3. Microphone   

This is something which usually a YouTuber does not pay attention to. Also, microphones, in general, are expensive too but remember that a clear and audible voice is necessary to make your video successful! 

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You can try If your phone’s microphone works well or not. For professional use, you can try out brands like Blue, Rode, Sennheiser, Boya, Maono, JTS, Behringer, and so on. These are good options at reasonable pricing!

4. Video and Audio Editing Tools

This is that part where you need to show most of your creativity! Moreover, there are many categories of videos and different videos have different editing requirements. For Ex: If your youtube channel is all about food recipes, then you might need to time-lapse your videos so that it gets according to the video duration and length you are making. 

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There are countless numbers of thirty party tools that you can use to edit your videos. Images and Graphics can be edited in Coral, Photoshop, Illustrator, and so on. Some Best Video Editings tools are Adobe Premiere, iMovie, Movie Maker Pro, Final Cut Pro, Filmora, Pinnacle Studio, etc.

5. Dedicate Space / Background / Studio

There are certain categories and niches of videos where you need to have a proper dedicated background in order to get the best out of your videos! 

For Ex: In the case of Food Recipes, Teaching Videos! You can always opt for a rented space or some sort of custom studio which would be cost-effective for you!

6. Lights and Accessories

You might need to have umbrella lights, ring lights, softboxes, etc. especially when you are making videos in dim lights and at places where there is no Sufficient lightning! Some of the best ring lights are from brands like Digitek, Venganza, Shyloc, Neewer, etc. 

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These all points summarise you must buy a list for YouTubers, we wish you all the best for a youtube channel! 

For any additional doubt, concern help, or advice, feel free to reach us out. We would love to help and assist you! 

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