Online Event Management Course

online event management course

India's First Interactive Online Event Management Course

Due To This Pandemic Institutes Are Closed But Dreams Can’t Be Stopped. We Have Prepared Complete Online Interactive Session For The Aspirants Of Event Management. The course duration is just 1 month for the beginners so even this course helps you to decide that whether you should join the full course or not, but if you are a quick and fast learner, we promise you that major outline of this industry will be cleared in your mind.

Language: Hindi + English

Mode : Online (Web / Mobile App)

What is Curriculum of the Course?

Module 1 – What is Event Planning?

• Event Planning Overview

• The Basics of Event Planning

• The Role of an Event Planner

• Main Tasks Involved in Event Planning

• Skills Required for Event Planners

Module 2 – Types of Events

Module 3 – Event Planning Process

Module 4 – Event Concept and Theme Selection

Module 5 – Event Budgeting

Module 6 – Venue Management & Operations

Module 7 – Human Resource Management

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  • Always keep a notebook and pen with you during the classes so you can note down important things
  • Do Not complete more than 1 lesson in 1 day, even if you are not able to learn on any days follow the 1-day rule so you can think and memorize the concepts properly
  • Whenever you get a task to write something, write in a note pad or word file first, then use Grammarly ( / similar app to remove grammatical errors and then copy-paste in the learning platform
  • Take the written task/survey/assessment seriously and honestly
  • Write down your queries and mail us on or you can also ask in Discussion Forum

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FAQ For India’s First Online Course For Event Management Aspirants

• What is the purpose of this online course, why it’s first of its kind

– Indian event and wedding industry is getting bigger day by day and its lacking skilled professionals and there are very fewer institutes in India who are offering event management course and the average fee is approx 1 lakh rupees, all the training are being provided through classroom model only. We are making the required and necessary knowledge online so people from every part of India can access the course from home to understand the basic of event & wedding industry.

• Mode Of Course, how it ‘ll be delivered?

– This course will be a combination of

 Recorded video of (Varun Surana & His Team)

 Text Articles

 Online Assessment

 Email & Telephonic Support (Limited)

 Group Support – Unlimited

Plus we’ll conduct live sessions, Q& A Rounds + Will Bring Live Sessions With Industry Experts & You Can Access That With Life Time Validity

• What is the commitment for support in getting jobs or business opportunities?

– This course will cover all the aspects of how to get hired or how to grab the business opportunities and I can commit you for knowledge and support but getting hired or getting business opportunities depends on the candidate too. But we’ll be sharing job opportunities if we get from any company

• People say event management is about practical things, how this offline course will help students?

First, you have to, understand the difference between practical experience and knowledge and I also believe practical knowledge is very much important and I am going to share my practical experience of last 8 years about this industry, remember I am not sharing any book with you. You’ll be interacting with me as people interact in the offline course the only thing is we’ll use digital mediums to interact which is very common nowadays + plus we are touch with many event managers now who may offer on job training/internship opportunities in various cities to students of this course.

• What are the criteria for admission and medium of instructions?

– We believe inbound free learning so anyone who has interest in event management/wedding planning industry can join the course, no bar of age, sex, location & qualification. The course will be covered in English mostly but if you find any difficulties in English you can contact our support team and they ‘ll explain you the things in Hindi as well + you can ask your queries through phone/email / discussion forum in Hindi.

• What if I miss the class someday?

– You’ll be getting access to our course portal and you can learn anytime from anywhere so don’t worry you’ll not miss any class


• Institutes are charging a heavy fee, what is the reason behind this low-cost model, are you going to compromise with the quality of training?

– Even we run an institute and there are so many direct and indirect expenses like office rent, salaries, PR cost, office expenses etc which is very heavy at every institute hence the burden goes on the pocket of students.

When we decided to launch the online course, this was the only motive that we wanted to solve, we wanted to cut down the fee and aim was to make this course affordable, in online model our cost of fixed expenses are very low hence you are getting the unbelievable fee, this is the only reason behind low price of all online courses, apart from this you do not need to spend anything extra for stay and food in other cities as many students go to other cities for such courses where you have to face fee + other expenses.

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