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Policy / Rules


                                             NON – NEGOTIABLE RULES

 1 Punctuality & Regularity in attendance is essential- Students must come on time to the institute, If late, they should inform prior in the group. Late Entry into premises without information is not allowed.

Taking leave without information is not allowed. If a student is on leave for more than one day, they should timely submit an application mentioning the reason of leave (If medical, along with medical certificate) along with the parent’s signature on the application to the authorized person. In case of an emergency, they should inform either on-call or by dropping a message.

  1. Students are not allowed to use mobile phones or any electronic gadget without permission.
  2. Respect for Institute property & institute belongings is an absolute must.
  3. Students must come in an appropriate formal dress, torn jeans or clothes are not allowed.
  4. All the students are expected to show courteous behaviour towards each other, faculty, staff & visitors. Maintain proper decorum & code of conduct. Any kind of nuisance & disturbance behaviour (unnecessary laughing, giggling, chatting, screaming, playing, commenting, eating) is prohibited.
  5. Students should complete their respective tasks on time.
  6. Fees, if given, is non-refundable at any cost.
  7. Students should deposit the admission form, required documents, and 1st instalment fees along with registration fees at the time of admission.
  8. Demo Classes are available after registration only.
  9. moving out of premises/class during classroom hours without permission is not allowed.

It is mandatory for each student to follow the above-given points, in case of breach of any of these points, the student will be warned, followed by suspension.

  1. If a student is leaving early, he/should inform the staff prior along with a valid reason, and mark the time of leaving in the attendance register.
  2. It is compulsory to fill the attendance register daily, along with noting the time of arrival & leaving the premises.
  3. Students are responsible for their personal belongings, no staff member, and faculty is responsible for their personal belongings.
  4. Cyber activities should not be taken as granted, if any student is found to be misusing the internet with objectionable activities, the staff & faculty of the institute has a right to suspend the student at that moment without demanding any explanation.
  5. Any other point can be included.

It is mandatory for each and every student to follow the above-given points, in case of breach of any of these above-mentioned points; the student will be given a warning, followed by suspension.

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