How to set up a Facebook Ad Campaign Perfectly?

Are you interested to learn How to Run a Sponsored Ad Campaign on Facebook? It’s not that hard. Let’s make this simple indeed! 

Well, sponsored ads are paid advertisements that are made to run to achieve specific goals or targets. 

Setting up a Facebook ad campaign requires a lot of things to be completed from the checklist. 

Moreover, there are certain things which you need to decide whether they are required to have opted or not! 

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Let’s go through the basic steps which are required to launch a Facebook Ad Campaign
 Fuel your Ad account with Money:

Well, the very first step should be to add money. For that, you can go to the Ads Manager and then into the Billing where you can add the payment by various payment methods like Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, etc. Make sure that you add no more money than required at that particular point of time. 

Currency, Time Settings, and Business Details with GST:

You need to add the currency you wish to prefer for billing and statements. Also, you can set the time zone as per your requirements. Make sure that you are very confident while choosing these since these can’t be changed in the future. To change these settings, the only option you would be left with would be to create a new Ad Account which is not always a good option. Then, you can add business details like the name of the Business and then the GST Number ( If your ad account location is India ). Adding a GST Number would help you to claim GST inputs against the Billing Statements. 

Campaign Objective:

Now, this is when you start making the ad so it’s the first step of the ad campaign. There are 11 Different Campaign Objectives and you need to choose one of those depending on your main objective of running the sponsored campaign. This may seem to you a very quick and easy process but it is a very important one and you need to choose the exact right objective otherwise you will end up being dissatisfied or you may even lose money just due to this wrong choice of objective selection. You need to be a good strategist who could think very well before choosing the right objective.

 Ad set / Adgroup Level:

Now, the second stage comes where you will need to target your audience by various available filters like age, gender, location, and so on. At this stage, you need to set your requirements in such a way that the Facebook algorithm would work in that way only and bring results accordingly.

There are placement options too here where you can select on which platforms and sub placements options you wish to run your ad. For Ex: Facebook News Feed, Instagram News Feed, Right Column Ads, Story Placements, and so on. Moreover, there are budget and bidding options where you can set the right amount of budget you want to spend and then control your spending by bidding options. 

Ad Level:

This is the last step of your Facebook ad campaign where you need to choose the type of ad you would like. For Ex: Single Image Ads, Carousel, Video Ads, Slideshow Ads, etc. Also, you need to add content to your ad here. There are usually Link, Text, and Description formats are there where you could easily. You also need to add the graphic/image which you would like to show to your audience.

Moreover, the preview of your ad is available here which would help you to get a better idea of what your ad would look like when you would run it. Do not forget to add the Call To Action ( CTA ) with a Redirection Link. Then finally after previewing your ad, you can confirm your ad and your ad shall run within minutes, ( usually Haha! ) 

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