Smart Digital Accountant Course

Why EduWings For Smart Digital Accountant Course?

Tally and GST is an essential part of every business firm so there is a lot of requirement for a sound accountant who can keep track of all the financial transactions professionally. This course includes Tally-GST and all the basics of accounting. This course is beneficial for all the students who are looking for a kick start job and also for all the students who are doing graduation or post-graduation or higher secondary passed.
Knowledge of accounting and tally-GST helps aspirants get a good job easily in any kind of business organization whether it is a Sole Proprietor, Partnership Firm, Not for Profit concerns, Company etc. Duration of this course is 2 months.

    Course Content :
    Introduction of accounting
    Fundamental of double-entry book-keeping
    1. Tally Introduction
    2. Accounts Information- Ledgers, Groups
    3. Inventory Information- Stock Groups, Stock Items, Units of Measure
    4. Accounting Vouchers- Receipts Vouchers, Payment Vouchers, Purchase Vouchers Sales Vouchers, Contra Vouchers, Journal Vouchers Debit Note, Credit Note, Memorandum Vouchers
    5. Godowns
    6. Date Management- More than one-year company creation, Change Period
    7. Payroll System
    8. Discount Management- Cash Discount, Trade Discount, Vouchers Types, Back up, Restore
    9. Display- Trial Balance, Day Book, Account books, Statement of Accounts, Inventory Books Statements of Inventory, Cash/fund flow, Payroll Reports, List of Accounts Exception Reports, Print Management
    10. Various Types of Company- Traders, Processional, Opening Balance with New Company Other Options

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