Social Media Marketing Course

Why EduWings For Social Media Marketing Course?

India has the second-largest population in the world. The scope of careers in internet marketing is enormous. According to  The Economic Times, India is the 2nd largest market for youtube after the U.S. and this makes video a must for internet entrepreneurship.

100% Practical Training

Assured Internship

30+ Live Projects

    1. Fundamentals Of Marketing
    2. AIDA
    3. Marketing V/S Sales
    4. Basics Of Social Media Marketing
    5. Facebook – Profile / Page / Group Management & Setup
    6. Facebook Page Management
    7. Basics Of Graphic Using Online Tools
    8. Content Concept
    9. Ad Copy Design
    10. Ad Manager Setup & Management
    11. Audience Creation (Advance Level – Facebook)
    12. Paid Ad Setup On Facebook (11+ Various Ways)
    13. Lead Form Setup & Automation – Facebook
    14. Instagram Business Account
    15. Organic & Paid Promotion On Instagram
    16. Various Business Option & Analytics Of Instagram
    17. Twitter Account Setup
    18. Linkedin Account Setup
    19. Business Page Of Linkedin
    20. The right way of using hashtag & automation tools for hashtags
    • What is Social Media?
    • Why is it important in digital marketing?
    • Difference between Social Media Marketing and Social Media Optimization
    • Advantages of Social Media Marketing over other marketing strategies.
    • Social media planning and strategy creation
    • Impact of Social Media on SEO
    • Social Media tools and networks
    • Why social media marketing is necessary for business
    • Why Facebook is important and why do so many people use it?
    • Facebook Account Setup
    • Facebook page setup and types of pages
    • Dimensions of various FB elements
    • Facebook page management options
    • Facebook content strategy
    • Types of Posts and Statistics
    • Facebook insights
    • Generating user engagement
    • Implementing Facebook share button
    • Implementing Facebook Like Box
    • Facebook groups
    • Facebooks apps integration
    • Facebook Advertising
    • Types of Facebook Campaigns
    • Types of Bidding
    • Audience Targeting Methods
    • Practical Examples
    • Building your brand on Facebook
    • How to create reports of Facebook pages
    • What is Twitter?
    • Benefits of Twitter
    • How brands use Twitter?
    • Twitter Account Setup
    • Designing the Twitter page
    • Types of tweets
    • Content strategy for Twitter
    • #Hashtags and their uses.
    • Tools for Twitter Marketing
    • Twitter Analytics
    • Benefits of Instagram?
    • Difference between Instagram and Facebook
    • Creating Instagram Profile And Business account
    • Picture dimensions
    • Filters in Instagram
    • Using Hashtags
    • Advertising options on Instagram
    • Influencer marketing on Instagram
    • Instagram content strategy and tips
    • Importance of profile theme on Instagram
    • Instagram insights
    • Instagram Ad management
    • What is LinkedIn?
    • How is it different from other Social Media Platforms?
    • LinkedIn Profile and Company page setup
    • LinkedIn Optimization
    • Hacks of LinkedIn
    • LinkedIn Content Creation, Planning, Strategy And Tips
    • LinkedIn Ad Management & Setup

    We provide paid internship along with this course from Day 1.

    The internship will be of 6 – 8 hours daily.

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