Social Media Optimization

What is Social Media Optimization (SMO)?

Social media optimization is one of the terms which has a maximum variation of definition & Understanding in the digital marketing industry and amongst digital marketers.

Let’s See What Are The Popular & Different Understanding of SMO

Its An Optimization process of brand’s social media handles on the various platform to increase organic brand awareness

Few People Says

“It’s an educated way of spamming social media platforms which doesn’t look like spam but in India people can easily recognize this as a spam activity”

And Few People Says

“Smart & Research-Based Organic Way to increase social media reach of any brand ”


So who is right and who is wrong?

We at EduWings also face this question in almost all batches of digital marketing course, students get confused and they are like “AKHIR SMO HAI KYA ?”

So the balanced answer is

Smart Way To Increase Organic Reach On Social Media Via Content & Audience Research With almost 0 Cost or very nominal cost.

And here people ask how to do audience research when it’s not available in general social media posting as no social media platform allows you to select the specific audience for every different post.

So the answer is public groups/communities

There are many online groups/communities which are niche-based some of them are city-specific, some theme are subject-specific like jobs, cooking, foodies, business growth, etc, and some of them are industry-specific like plastic business, MBA Students, etc.

So the digital marketing professional who is responsible for social media optimization has to research the available online communities and should participate in discussions, respond to questions, engage the potential leads, make awareness posts, and do less advertising kind of posts in such communities consistently. These communities have thousands to million of members and heavy engagement as well, now let us understand it with a small example,

“Imagine that you help job seekers to create impactful resume/cv as freelancer or train students for interview skills, you should join Facebook and LinkedIn groups of Jobs, there are thousands of such communities available and start dropping your value bombs which are related to your business like How to Participate In An Online Interview, Importance Of Neat & Clean CV, Things You Should not Mention In CV, How to write a cover email, 5 Must-Have Elements In A Resume, some specific samples like CV sample for retail sales job, resume sample for front-office job for freshers, difference between cv and resume, etc, slowly people will start engaging with your posts and start connecting with you or your social media handles and financial transaction starts slowly but definitely with consistency ”.

For us SMO is not like post the same text with a link or image in 20 random facebook or linked groups, we always teach our students in our social media marketing classes in Udaipur that they should not ever try wrong practices of social media optimization, because if Facebook or LinkedIn put your profile under spam scanner once, you‘ll end up with banning your social media accounts and you have to restart from scratch.

In our social media class we also teach Community Blogging which is a hybrid version of social media optimization, we have a dedicated 15 days course for community blogging because we know If social media optimization is done in the right way a decent revenue can be generated. The right way of social media optimization also helps you to create a good and popular digital identity in the segment.

We at EduWings (First Institute for Digital Marketing In Udaipur & Now Known as The Best Institute For Digital Marketing Course) got 100+ Students with the help of Right SMO in last few years for Event Management Course, Digital Marketing & Some Of Our other Free Courses As Well.

Our Founder Varun Surana, Recently have taken an initiative to teach modern skills to students of Udaipur under our free course series like food blogging, fashion blogging, Video Content Creation, etc at zero training fee, you can book your seat by paying a very nominal registration fee.

To book our free demo class or to get detailed information about the digital marketing course at EduWings Udaipur, you can click here to submit your contact information or call on 7737871050 / 8890105050.

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