Success Stories of Students of Event Management

The growth of event and entertainment industry in India is usually the highest in the whole world, due to the good budget of emotional expenses along with population.

And in this, Udaipur is counted as one of the top wedding destinations in the world, the marriage of budgets of up to Rs 100 crores is witnessed by Udaipur city, and every major wedding or corporate event, almost all the places of professionalism are growing demand over time.

EduWings Academy Udaipur has trained many students in the past few years, most of whom are able to earn a lot today, just like some of the younger success stories of young people will find you on this post below.


Shreya Jain

ms. shreya is self employed and early really good through her desired field of event management. She is earning 12 lakh rupees per annum. Expertised in all type of events, shreya has hosted many big weddings and other corporate events.

niharika-event-600x400 (Demo)

Niharika Pandey:

Niharika wanted to make his career first in the tour and travel industry but Mind changed and joined the course of Event Management, the desire to do something different from the beginning has made the Niharika stand apart from all the students and the Niharika has created the First Divyanga Tallent Show organized in Udaipur by doing something that someone hardly imagined.


Mohit Nahar :

mr mohit an efficient event planner and owner of wedding dial is earning 3 lakh rupees per annum. Mr nahar hosted many big events.


Jaimik Panchal:

Jamik, who had a little bit of exaggeration in his student life, he did the course of anchoring from EduWings first, then the event management, today, in both of the field he is working great and earning 6.00 Lakh

arman-event-600x400 (Demo)

Arman Mev:

Arman was the first student in the Event Management course on EduWings and he did not consider the work ever small to be successful and completed training with hard work and diligence and today has given his services in many events.

This is just a few success stories and today more than 50 students took the training of Event Management and in Rajasthan, all of them are illuminating themselves, their family and our names, whose average monthly earnings has reached 10000 – 50000.

And so we have always come to say – many dreams on EduWings are come true, and will continue to be.

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