Tips on Writing Personal Recommendation Letters

Tips on Writing Personal Recommendation Letters

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Well, before going on for the Tips on Writing Personal Recommendation Letters, let us first figure out what we mean by Personal Recommendations. 

Personal Recommendations are usually recommendations for a friend or a known person. These recommendations are done based on one’s experience with the characteristics, skills, and abilities of the candidate and on that basis, he/she is recommended for the respective position. 

The recommendations are made if the candidate is your long term neighbor, family friend or relative, a fellow member at any club or organization, client, business contact, coach, etc. 

However, writing a personal recommendation can be very difficult and can be considered as a challenge because these are generally required for some reputed posts for a job, admissions, etc. 

So one must know the proper and effective ways to write a personal recommendation letter. Let’s figure out those tips one by one which is as follows: 

1. Think twice before saying yes to your friend

Well, it is always good to recommend someone but you should think deliberately about it. If you think that the candidate is serious and willing enough then only recommended. Otherwise, you can politely and tell them that you can’t refer to them as of now but for sure for a future opportunity. 

2. Do follow and make use of a proper letter format for recommendation

Use a business letter format while sending personal recommendations while including contact information at the top, date, and so on. Prefer handwritten signatures on it too which makes it more authentic. 

3. Focus on the designation or post or job description

It is always advisable to ask the person about the job description for whom you would recommend your friend or know for the same. This would be a great way to focus on exact and detailed requirements as well. 

4. Explain in detail about who is your recommendation and what relationship do you share with him/her

It is very important to mention detailed information like for how long do you know your recommendation, how well do you gel up with him/her, is he/she your relative, and so on. 5. Follow the submission guidelines: 

Make sure that the candidate you are referring to must submit the required documents, resume, and other things required with the deadline assigned to him/her. Also, make sure that the resume and other documents are in universal accepted formats like PDF, .txt, and so on. 

Format of a Personal Recommendation Letter which includes the requirements:

● Salutation: A salutation is a must which should include Dewar. Respected and so on. In case If you are writing it in general, then you may write” To Whomsoever It May Concern”. 

● Paragraph 1: The very first paragraph of your recommendation letter should include whom are you referring to, why are you referring to the mentioned person. Moreover, you should also mention why you feel you are qualified for the recommendation! 

Also, make sure that you pay a lot of emphasis on your relationship with the person you are recommending. 

● Paragraph 2: In the next paragraph, you can mention and highlight the qualities and skills of the candidate whom you are referring to. You can mention their previous contributions and achievements too. 

Do not forget to mention what contribution they can be to the organization and why is it beneficial and important to hire the candidate you are recommending. 

● Summary: 

The summary is just a one-liner formality type requirement where you can mention the candidate as Highly Recommended or you can also write “Recommendation without Reservation”.

So, the above-mentioned Tips for Writing Personal Recommendation Letters will surely help you to mark yourself as ace and won’t let you down! 

If you need any further assistance or help for any of the above-mentioned points, then feel free to reach us, we would love to help you and sort your queries and concerns!

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