Top 10 Instagram Influencers

Top 10 Instagram Influencers

Top Instagram Influencers

It’s not been a decade since Instagram came into existence. And we can already see the popularity it has gained in a very short time. Somehow it has summed up the world like fashion, entertainment, news, decor, travel, food, art, comics, sports, and many things. And you keep scrolling it a thousand times and sometimes more than that even without getting bored of it. Normally people share their life experiences, daily life routine, trips’ pictures, and there come to some pages also which are almost similar to Facebook. 

And those pages may include memes, updates, the latest news, what’s happening around you like city, state, nation or world. Instagram Influencers are those who have gained much popularity amongst the youth on Instagram, can convince their audiences through their reliability and authenticity, and mainly work in a particular niche. 

These influencers have changed many lives of people in terms of food, fashion, travel, technology, science, and many more.

Let’s talk about the top 10 Instagram Influencers-

  1. Shivya Nath (@shivya)

Shivya Nath

At the age of 23, she decides to quit her job from the corporate world and decided to travel around the globe. She belongs from Dehradun, and this reason was enough to let her Roam around the world and having a dream of becoming a traveller. 

When she finished all her exams in Singapore and found an occupation or we can say a source that can fulfil her dreams. And then she began to follow all the food bloggers and travellers from the world. 

At present, she goes around the places to look for new adventures and experiences from travelling and also takes the shots to make her finance for her travel. 

She is among the most dedicated traveller bloggers among the nation, she also has been invited from the very famous and prestigious channels like BBC, TEDx and also nat geo with others. 

Her expertise in terms of photography in travelling will inspire and excite you for travelling, the shooting diary is the account of her travel and experiences and she is dedicated to make others get inspired and start to get out of their friendly environment and travel.

Followers- 92.1k+


Posts- 1645+

  1. Shahnawaz Karim (@wheelsguru)

He is a dedicated biker and found his passion and interest in bikes at a very young age when he was just 12 years old. And sometimes he even starts racing with the local buses, autos, cars and many more while returning from the coaching classes. 

Participated in many Motorsports riding compositions and even has ridden the best ones with Formula Maruti Races, TVS, Yamaha One make races, Yamaha Factory team at MMSC Racetrack, and KTM races at Buddh International Circuit and many more. He even has a website where he provides all the necessary information related to two or four-wheelers, its comparison, etc.

Followers- 25.5k+

Following- 4610+

Posts- 1560+

  1. Ayesha Billimoria (@fitgirl.india)

She is also an influencer in the field of health and fitness, and she started all these things when she was just 14 years old. She has been motivating everyone to stay fit, healthy, do exercise, and many more through her Instagram account.

Her only motive is to change the perception, the thing of everyone’s mind about the exercise and its benefits.

Followers- 74k+

Following- 160+

Posts- 2230+

  1. Aashna Shroff (@aashnashroff)

For her makeup and beauty is like having a piece of cake, that simple. She shares on her blog all the tips and tricks to have a perfect look for any occasion with the help of makeup and a good sense of dressing. 

If you know how to do makeup then it’s good but if you will be following her then you can be pro in doing makeup and also you will be knowing what to do and what not. She is the one-stop for the ones who love makeup, fashion, makeup products, and many more.

Followers- 721k+

Following- 545+

Posts- 5060+

  1. Harsh Agarwal (@shoutmeloudcom)

He is an inspiration to those who are not satisfied with their small or corporate jobs and to start something new which they like. 

And Harsh has somehow managed to do so, as he knows a very successful and popular amongst the people who love to read blogs. 

Blogging was his hobby but couldn’t continue due to some personal issues but later when he met with the accident and had no work left to do. 

Then he decided to start his blog. Through his blogs, he shares SEO tips, digital marketing, and how to start your blog.

Followers- 14.1k+

Following- 5+

Posts- 660+

  1. Natasha Diddie (@thegutlessfoodie)

She is our very known and the most popular food bloggers amongst us. Due to some kind of tension or stress, she came to know about her problem and that was the development of a tumour in her stomach. 

One of the chefs from Pune observed all this and took this as an opportunity to live a life at its fullest. 

Her Instagram is full of pictures but only of food, she even writes novels and stories based on the dishes and the region.

Followers- 95.1k+

Following- 5+

Posts- 3470+

  1. Amol Goel (@indiapictures)

If you want to explore India but only through your phone then, he is the best option for this. But for that, you will have to first follow him on Instagram to see all the latest updates and newly discovered places of India. 

Two years after he started exploring and trying to connect with locals or the place he visits, he even interacts with them, shares their experiences, and also puts some amazing pictures on his Instagram account. 

So, that many can reach them and know the actual importance of those people, their culture, and many more.

Followers- 440k+

Following- 10+

Posts- 5370+

  1. Christine Rai (@yeahitschill)

Her account is something that tells everything about her. Yes, it seems funny and full of fun but believes us it’s more than that. 

After reading some very interesting comic books she decided to let’s start this at her level known as webcomic series. She observes what’s happening around and then she shares all the things through her thoughts in a positive way on her Instagram account.

Followers- 140k+


Posts- 540+

  1. Sejal Kumar (@sejalkumar1195)

She has changed the full meaning of fashion and what trend is. She knows how to slay in every event or wherever she goes. 

She is a girl who is full of excitement, fun and encourages people by her thoughts and thinking. She is the one from whom you can learn how to lead a luxurious lifestyle and what things you must include in your life to have fun and for enjoyment. 

She even endorses many brands, and that won’t be wrong enough to say that she is on the top list of the first-generation social media influencers.

Followers- 755k+

Following- 400+

Posts- 3055+

  1. Rishab Kohli (@theneagtivewordss)

He is the one who is sharing all the experiences in life, relationships, breakups, and many more but by his words. The ones who love to read and want to feel all such experiences through words can follow him for more new updates and more interesting words. 

He is the best storyteller on Instagram which is a must follow. He also shares the innovations, updates, new applications, and many more across the world.

Followers- 8235+

Following- 390+

Posts- 310+

So, these were just a few names because the list is pretty much long and never-ending. If you are also inspired by them and thinking of starting your page on Instagram and want to influence the audience through your learnings and many more then please join our course.

In that, we will let you know about everything like changing algorithms of Instagram, how-to posts, what to choose, how to gain popularity amongst the youth, and also how to earn from Instagram. 

These were just simple and basic things but if you want to know more about our course or any other thing then please feel free to contact us. And we will make sure that you will be the one amongst those influencers.


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