Top 10 YouTubers In Tech Industry

Top 10 YouTubers In Tech Industry After Facebook, the only platform begins to gain popularity is YouTube. There are millions of people who are subscribers of many YouTube channels like cooking, fashion, tech, tutorials, and many more. And they can’t be ranked a bit; their performance can be measured according to their subscribers, video timings, etc.

You must have wondered how they can run ads and is this a good source of earning, will they gain any popularity or even be successful in their life? So, the answer is “Yes”, they managed to do all those things which I have mentioned.

YouTube is on the top list when it comes to sharing the videos, or promoting any brand or product.

Many vloggers are using Youtube for sharing their life experiences of the place they visit, what they do, and many more. And then comes the Tech vloggers who share all the necessary information regarding products, services, upcoming events, etc.

In this blog, we will be sharing with you the list of top 10 Youtubers in the tech industry who are helping others to understand all the technical things in simple language. If you are in search of these channels then go ahead as these will help you to understand all the technical terms.

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He has become the God of technical things and experts as well. He shares all the necessary information regarding mobile phones, laptops, etc before or after the launch. And in his videos, there is a video of unboxing the new smartphones, cryptocurrency, reviews of the gadgets, and many other videos related to technologies that will be found.

Channel Name- Technical Guruji

Name- Gaurav Chaudhary

Channel started on- 18 Oct 2015

Subscribers- 15.8 Million

Videos- 1363 +

Views- 1,714,017,481 views

Language- Hindi

Full-Time YouTuber- No

Location- India, Dubai


He quit his job in the IT sector where he was appointed as an IT consultant to start his own YouTube channel. He shares the tips and tricks about Android, and reviews the new and upcoming smartphones, along with gadgets, and electronic products. He also has a website called for the reviews of the gadgets.

Channel Name- Geekyranjit


Channel started on- Jan 6, 2011

Subscribers- 2.91 Million

Videos- 2209+

Views- 614,044,201 views

Language- English

Full-Time YouTuber- Yes

Location- Hyderabad, India


Praval Sharma is an engineer and has spent a lot of years in the IT sector before starting his channel. He was the technical engineer at Ericsson and worked as an Application Specialist at the ABB ISDC.

He was amongst them who started sharing videos in Hindi about the technology and also gave all the reviews in Hindi. As it becomes easy to target more audiences and you can easily convey your message to them. 

Channel Name- Sharmaji Technical

Name- Praval Sharma

Channel started on- Mar 26, 2008

Subscribers- 1.69 Million

Videos- 3075+

Views- 246,006,979 views 

Language- Hindi

Full-Time YouTuber- Yes

Location- Delhi, India


He is a blogger and a Web Consultant. Earlier he was working with many IT companies as a software engineer. Now he is a useful YouTuber along with a great blogger. He is reviewing and also unboxing the gadgets along with the smartphones. He also shares some tips and tricks for android users.

Channel Name- Gadgets To Use

Name- Abhishek Bhatnagar

Channel started on- Mar 29, 2011

Subscribers- 985K 

Videos- 4680+

Views- 196,992,085 views

Language- Hindi

Full-Time YouTuber- Yes

Location- Delhi, India


His only goal is to provide and share vital information about gates and new smartphones. He also discusses how to use this particular gadget or new phone in a good way. He also shares all the updated and latest news regarding technology and smartphones.

Channel Name – Techno Ruiz

Name – Ruhez Amelia

Channel Started – Jan 8, 2015

Videos – 2385+

Subscribers – 2.2 Million

Views-274,180,920 views

Language – Hindi

Full-Time YouTuber – Yes

Location -Mumbai, India


He has learned everything by himself only and is also known as a white-hat hacker. He has completed graduation from the commerce field. In his videos, we can see many interesting things about cybersecurity, tech news, and other things as well.

Channel Name – Technical Sagar

Name – Abhishek Sagar

Channel Started – Dec 20, 2014

Videos – 1300+

Subscribers – 2.3 Million 

Views- 180,907,772 views

Language – Hindi

Full-Time Youtuber – Yes

Location – Delhi


In his channel, his main focus is on smartphones and android. His videos are based on comparisons, tutorials, reviews, and many more.

Channel Name – C4ETech

Name – Asu

Channel Started – Mar 20, 2007

Videos – 2590+

Subscribers – 1.76 Million

Views- 362,919,938 views

Language – English

Full-Time YouTuber – Yes


His main focus is on ios, android, smartphones, unboxing videos, reviews, along with giveaways. Videos of the latest Mobile phones and other gadgets.

Channel Name – IGyaan

Name – Bharat Nagpal

Channel Started – Jun 19, 2010

Videos – 1900+

Subscribers – 1 Million

Views- 188,923,976 views 

Language – English

Location- India, US, UK


He is a tech YouTuber and shares videos about Adsense, YouTube, Web Development, App Development, and many more.

Channel Name – My smart Support

Name – Dharmendra Kumar

Channel Started – Jul 26, 2012

Videos – 1010+

Subscribers – 1.11 Million

Views- 102,243,660 views

Language – Hindi

Full-Time YouTuber – Yes

Location – Patna, Bihar


His channel is quite different from all the other channels. In his videos he shares about the tech news, reviews on smartphones, trending tech updates, and the way of explaining are so simple and quite funny. And that’s the reason for being different and standing out from the crowd. He shares all the information and updates uniquely and can be enjoyed.

Channel Name – Technical Dost

Name – Hitesh Kumar

Channel Started – Jun 11, 2016

Videos – 815+

Subscribers – 1.77 Million 

Views- 147,758,016 views

Language – Hindi

Full-Time YouTuber – Yes

Location -Delhi, India

These were the few names of the top 10 YouTubers in the tech industry. If you are inspired by them and want to become one of them then feel free to contact us. And we will be sharing some tips and tricks with you and many more. 

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