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Top 5 Cameras for Professional Photographers

Well, when it comes to choosing the best camera for photographers becomes a tedious task! Because photography is a diverse field where they are further segregated as wildlife photographers, product photographers, commercial photographers, wedding photographers, and so on! 

Moreover, just picking up the right or the best camera for your needs was never easy! It’s about a lot of things which are required to be considered like the lenses, it’s other models, upgrades and accessories, ease of use, purpose, USP ( Unique Selling Point ). 

So, one needs to consider all those things and then decide.

Then the question arises, how do we choose the best camera for a photographer? Seems Impossible? Well, not impossible as we have made it easier for you! 

We will first tell you some important factors which you need to consider before even beginning your search for the right camera of your needs! 

Let’s have a look at the same: 

  1. Are you thinking of shifting to a different brand than you are currently using? 
  2. Why are you unsatisfied with your existing model? 
  3. Are you looking for a new camera just because of the lenses? 
  4. Do you shoot videos or you are also into stills? 
  5. Would you still prefer DSLR over Mirrorless? 

Best Cameras for Professional Photography

These are a few basic questions which you need to ask yourself before purchasing the camera or searching for the same! 

And we also know that the best person to answer these questions in the best possible way is none other than the photogra[her himself/herself! 

Now, let’s have a look at the Top 5 Cameras for Photographers: 

  1. Canon EOS-1D X Mark III 


This particular model by Canon is leading in the market with its exclusive features like the optical smart controller, Deep learning AF, and so on. 

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The most striking feature of this model is that Canon has made this as a hybrid model of mirrorless and DSLR and this makes it suitable for shooting as per the demand and situation. It has other extra features like HDR PQ support, CFexpress, 12-bit internal 4K RAW, head tracking, Max burst speed as16fps viewfinder and 20fps live view, etc. 

  1. Canon EOS 5D Mark IV 

 Well, this model again by Canon stands at the second position with an all-rounder Performance which makes it versatile. 

It has an exclusive responsive touch screen with an impressive live-view AF, higher resolutions, faster frame rates, better 4k aspects, and so on. 

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Furthermore, it has many specifications like Full-frame Sensor, Megapixels 30.4MP, LCD: 3.2in touchscreen, 1.62million dots, Optical Viewfinder, and so on. 

  1. NIKON D850 


Well, this could be the perfect and ideal choice for those professional photographers who are looking for all in features .i.e everything at one place: power, speed, and resolution too! This model by Nikon has an exclusive feature of capturing images at even 7 fps or 9 fps with optional battery grip!

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 It’s a big modern looking camera with a superb resolution, brighter and larger viewfinder. Moreover, it has a full-frame sensor with a 45.7 Megapixels lens! 

  1. NIKON Z7


Well, now this an exclusive model by Nikon and it has its record of being the Nikon’s first full-frame mirrorless camera which makes it very popular and known In the market. 

This is specially made for pros with high resolution, autofocus System with 93-point phase-detection AF, and so on. It’s Max burst speed is 9fps And its user level is categorized as Enthusiast! 

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Other specifications include Full frame sensor with CMOS being 35.9×23.9mm, Megapixels as 45.7MP, Screen type: 3.2-inch LCD Screen Types, and with a 2,100K-dot resolution. 

  1. Sony A9 Mark II 


When it comes to the pro sports photographers arena, then nothing could be better than Sony’s Flagship. From years, it is pretty clear that Sony has established its brand and its influence and credibility on people is very strong. 

Sony A9 Mark II is probably the fastest and best sports camera. It’s pure bliss for pro shooters due to its unmatchable speed and autofocus performance, and exclusive connectivity too! 

Some experts say that it has the best autofocus they have ever used! POther specifications of this powerful hunk are Megapixels as 24.2MP, LCD as 3in tilting touchscreen with 1.44million dots, EVF Viewfinder. 

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Its Maximum continuous shooting speed is 20fps electronic shutter and 10fps mechanical. Its user level is classified as Professional! 

Well, this was all about the top 5 cameras for photographers. 

It is advisable to go through these points before just buying one in a hurry! Nobody wants to bring in stuff that makes them regret later and also, it’s all ab0ut spending wisely! 

Hope this article was helpful and worthwhile for you!

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