Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends

Digital Marketing has become a trend now as it has vast career opportunities in this field. Today’s young generation is so much into this as it is the field of interest and time management. The only thing they will have to do is they have to keep them updated with new trends, technologies, new tools and many more. The previous year i.e 2019 was such a year where marketers were busy focusing and implementing marketing techniques. Now, this resulted in the saturation of Old School.

digital marketing

Techniques which resulted in the need for some new techniques and trends.
Below is the list of the Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends to follow and apply in 2020:

1. Predictive Marketing

Predictive marketing is a marketing technique that involves using data analytics to determine the correct or right marketing strategies and actions that would minimize the risk of failure and maximize the probability of success. This also includes collecting various types of data of consumers/customers like past purchase behavior, interest, and behavior, history of purchase, type of purchase, the value of purchase, and so on.
Many industries continuously spend a high amount on this technique to strengthen themselves in this era of competitive markets. This is indeed a prime trend that must be followed to upgrade ourselves in 2020.

2. Smart Ads

We have noticed a huge increase in the number of paid/sponsored ads being used for business. But the question is, do we correctly use them? Running Sponsored Ad Campaigns without correct data and objectives is like driving with your eyes closed! Using the correct Bidding Strategies and more focusing on concepts like Remarketing / Retargeting, Enhanced CPS, Conversion Optimization, etc. shall be the prominent scope for digital marketing in 2020.

3. Multi-Channel Marketing

This is a basic and simple trick for increasing the probability of success in terms of marketing. Depending and focussing on only one medium/source or channel can be fruitful for a while but If you want to prepare yourself for the future, then focusing on Multiple Sources / Channels can strengthen and protect you from future endeavors.

4. Voice-Based Search

Marketers need to start adopting voice-based search since, shortly, more than half of the search shall be based on voice/audio.

5. Quality Content-based SEO 

It’s important to make sure that the SEO must be based on quality content rather than generic techniques and bot activity! This is a must to mark yourself up in the long run in 2020. Considering the above parameters, Did you cross-check whether you are ready for maintaining the top position in 2020?

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