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बेरोजगारी है भारी, फिर भी डिग्री सबसे प्यारी

बेरोजगारी है भारी, फिर भी डिग्री सबसे प्यारी

बेरोजगारी है भारी

What do you say to an 18-year-old when he says he wants to drop out of college? Why would someone give up the opportunity to pursue a degree in a prestigious college? In today’s time, the value of a college degree is decreasing rapidly because there is a growing demand for skilled and creative people.

Do you think it is reasonable to spend 3/5 years and Approx 10 Lakh Rupees just to get a good college education, meet new people, learn about yourself, and land a good job? With the rise of attainable information, learning something new has never been easier. Can you get a fully paid interesting job without a mainstream college degree? The answer is, “yes” of course you can. Right now over 2 million students are appearing for all sorts of competitive exams, and are trying to figure out their next step in life. Most of them are unsure about which career they want to pursue.

On Dec 14, 2016, At Chindwara (M.P) Our Honorable President Mr. Pranab Mukhari Said – There may be “unrest and frustration” in the country if the youth remains unemployed while stressing on the need to equip them with skills. Most graduates produced by colleges and universities are “unemployable”, he said. He said to get jobs, paper qualifications alone will not suffice, skills are essential.”Our universities and colleges produce a large number of graduates every year but most of them are unemployable. Our youth need jobs,” he stressed. Mr. Mukherjee said skill development will help create jobs, strengthen the resilience of the Indian economy, help increase the contribution of the services sector to GDP and expand the flow of remittances into the country from our workers overseas.

In the late 19th and 20th centuries, vocational education was only seen as the acceptable route for people who weren’t academics. But apparently, the myth has been dispelled. The term vocational actually means work-related. So if you’re doing a vocational course it means you are learning skills that will help you get a job, it is something that provides skills and the underpinning knowledge about how to utilize those skills. With a vocational qualification, you are more likely to start working and even set up your own business.

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