What is Social Media Marketing – The Complete Guide

What is Social Media Marketing?what is social media marketing

You must be well aware and acquainted with social media but the term SMM or Social Media Marketing might have or have not ringed your ears, nonetheless the question of what is social media marketing must have risen. Here is the answer to the question in simpler words for you.

Social Media Marketing or SMM is the marketing done online through social media platforms. These platforms provide a place where the companies can display their products/services and engage with the customers as well. It is no news how popular social media platforms have become and that many people keep on joining these platforms every day. SMM lets the companies reach the already existing customers and is also aware of their brand to a new audience. These platforms have the feature of tracking the users who interact with the respective account and what their behavior is, which helps a company in a lot of areas as analyzing the marketing is a very helpful and important feature.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Benefits of Social Media

It might be clear by now how many advantages are there of SMM and how important and fruitful it can be for your business. Now that you also know what is social media marketing, how it works, and what are the five main things that play an important role in a successful campaign.

Here we have listed some of the benefits of social media marketing or the reasons why you should invest your energy, time, and even money in:

  1. Creating Brand Awareness:
    Brand awareness can be considered the first step in coming into the market as a business, people need to know that your business exists and that they can choose it as well. They need to know that there is another option in a particular niche. With several people joining these social media platforms, it makes them the perfect place for new and even existing companies to create brand awareness and let people know about the existence of the company and the new scheme or product launch that takes place.
  2. Sharing Your Story:
    Sharing your brand’s story on social media is a very effective way to not just spread the story but also a way to cater to interaction with your content and business. Stories that knock on the reader’s heart and mind can leave a positive impact on your brand and even enhance the image. Sharing the positive stories of your customers as well can be all effective for the brand.
  3. Tracking and Measuring the Results:
    Marketing is important, but what might be a little more important than just marketing? The knowledge of the result of the marketing done further helps in making future decisions and building the strategies. Marketing on social media lets you track your audience and even the result of any campaign that you run for your business in a detailed manner. In the long run, these analytics might even help a company in launching any new scheme or product as they have a knowledge of their audience and their requirements.
  4. More Conversion Rates:
    The content that is posted on social media tends to get more engagement by the user. The user might comment, like, or even save and share the content you uploaded, provided it is attractive enough and fulfills the user intent or generates the demand. As these platforms also give the means to the customers to interact with the company directly, it is more efficient and might even increase brand loyalty. There are options to add a call to action with your posts as well, giving a direct option to the user to interact with the product or service.
  5. Cost-effective:
    The biggest advantage of SMM is that it is cost-effective. All these social media platforms allow you to make your accounts and post content free of cost. And even if you decide to select the paid promotion, it is comparatively cheaper than traditional marketing. Since it is cost-effective, the ROI is higher.

Working of SMM

What is SMM might be a little bit clear to you by now. But how exactly does it work?

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have been used by almost all of us for posting our thoughts and photos and sharing them with our friends and family who are connected with us. The features of these platforms which allow tracking the behavior of the audience were noticed and utilized by companies. These features like the demographic detail of the user, the time of interaction, etc. help the companies in building their strategies and personalizing the content. There are both free and paid means by which the companies can reach the audience, existing as well as new ones. For a successful campaign, there are:

Five Pillars of SMM

  1. Building Strategy

Before publishing or posting anything, one thing that is the most important is building the strategy about how and what the content would be. What platforms would be used to share the content, finalizing the goals of the content shared. If there will be the use of graphics, and what type of graphic will it be? It is important to pre-plan this as it clears any doubt regarding the content to be shared.

      2. Publishing Content

Publishing the content is the next step. Choosing the platforms and what type of content would be published. Depending on what you want to show your audience, you can plan your content, it may be about launching a new scheme or a product, or it may be a post about any offer. Or a regular post about just creating brand awareness. Posting continuously is the key to attracting the audience and increasing the traffic and conversion through these platforms. You can even schedule your posts in advance over these apps, for which tools like the Facebook business suite, Hootsuite, etc are available which are easy to use.

      3. Engagement of Audience

Once you are consistent in posting, your audience will start interacting with the posts. Comments, likes, sharing it, and even tagging the companies in their own posts. They might even suggest some changes which increase your scope of improvement. This engagement is important as it will also increase the reach and recommend your page or post to people with similar interests.

      4. Tracking, Analytics, and Report

Being on social media and posting actively provides you with the results of the content you shared. Where the audience is from, at what time they interact the most, which post is doing better and which is not, and what is the difference. The point is to note this data and plan the next strategies according to it and work for better results and engagement. Although these platforms have their own analytics tools, you can also connect either tool in order to extract the information and make reposts and note the profit or loss.

      5. Advertisements

Posting content and building followers are free of cost on these platforms and are even a good way to start making a presence on these platforms. But there are even paid promotions options that are alike but more detailed than the regular free posting. These advertisements will allow you to narrow down your audience, i.e. target a specific audience at a specific time This allows better conversion rates as these advertisements will only be shown to those who are interested in your product/service type.

Now since on social media, the audience is majorly the ones who are interested in your business, it leads to more successful conversions compared to the traditional marketing which targets everybody. By having detailed information about digital marketing course, you can come across many more ways to do successful social media marketing.

How can I learn Social Media Marketing?


The best way to learn Social Media Marketing is by doing a certificate course either in it or in digital marketing as a whole. This will open a lot of job opportunities as well. There are a lot of institutes teaching Social Media Marketing Course in Udaipur and Digital Marketing courses, from there you can learn and implement it in your own business or even get a job in a company.

We at EduWings provide the Best digital marketing course in Udaipur with a very cost-effective and efficient learning. You can open the door to new job opportunities and earn better.

The Crux
The production of sticky content is an important part of social media strategy. This implies it captures a user’s attention and enhances the likelihood of them taking a desired action, like purchasing a product or sharing the material with others in their social network. Marketers produce viral content with the goal of spreading swiftly among users.

Customers should be encouraged to generate and share their own content, such as product evaluations or comments, using social media marketing. In the marketing world, this is known as paid advertising.

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