Why Eduwings is an ideal institute for training and getting skills

Eduwings is an ideal Institute for Training and getting Skills as it is the most trusted and prestigious institute in Udaipur. In its five years of the journey, Eduwings has achieved many milestones in the areas of training and became the best training institute in Udaipur. Eduwings has identified key areas where skilled manpower shortage is plaguing the industry and come up with training modules in DIGITAL MARKETING, EVENT MANAGEMENT & WEDDING PLANNING, ANCHORING, and INTERNET ENTREPRENEURSHIP. Eduwings is committed to providing quality manpower to industry and careers for students. This dual commitment brings the best out of Eduwings and brought many reasons for students to select Eduwings as an ideal institute for training.

Eduwings India

Positioning of EduWings

Eduwings institute is started with the sole purpose of addressing problem areas of today’s student life. Be it quality training at a regional level or finding employment or giving meaning to their lives. Eduwings has filled that vacuum and make name for itself in Udaipur.

Employability Skill Enhancement

Eduwings institute came into existence to fulfill the unmet needs of providing skilled manpower for industry and to impart employability skills to students and make them follow the right path of long-term success. Eduwings helps students to overcome the Industry academia gap.

Eduwings -Vision, and Mission


Eduwings’ vision and mission are action statements stated to society that what is our objective and how we are going to act or deliver on their objective for the benefits of students and society at large to transform individuals into professionals and create employable students for corporates.

Trainer retention /satisfied employees

Eduwings internal customers i.e. employees are retained by them to deliver on quality promised to students and parents. Good institute culture promotes a learning environment and congenial student-trainer relations.

Placement support and assistance

The final outcome of training is job attainment which is the crux of the matter. Right training imparted to end-users and placement efforts done by the Institute is the solution. Eduwings is going strong in the placements of students. And we will be there for you when you are in need of any support or help. 

Alumni’s network and true success stories

True Success speaks louder than any promotion or claim. Alumni working in the industry has created benchmarks for the present student to follow the alumni and see them as guiding light and ambassador for Institute. Interaction arranged by the institute for students and parents with alumni paved the way for that trust-building.

Affordable fees structure and pocket-friendly fees

Eduwings has to focus on running the institute profitably but also design its fee structure to be within reach of the masses. Pocket-friendliness of the training program is paramount. And you will be amazed at its fee structure and it will convince you to think that it would be great if you have visited earlier. In the affordable fee structure, we are giving quality training and education.

Certification Recognition and After Certification Support

Certification has industry recognition and value in attaining jobs.
Students can approach Eduwings for workshops and resources session to upgrade their skills time and again.

Career planning support

Eduwings strive hard to etch out long-term career graphs for students rather than only find jobs for students. This distinction is a major focus of the placement team to provide stability in first-time employment and have their “DREAM CAREER“.

Guest lectures from the industry

Guest lectures complement the training delivered to students. Resources are plenty with Eduwings to share with students of Udaipur.

For one-to-one interaction book your day with the counselor and get personalized counseling to know the sure way for your success. Meet us on all working days between 10 am to 6 pm. or call on 7073099988.

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